Yes, Coffee Kombucha is Now a Thing

Caffe Luxxe’s Coffee Kombucha. Photo credit: Karin E. Baker for The LA Beat.

If you’re a kombucha fan but wish it gave a bit more of a buzz, you might want to try Caffe Luxxe’s new coffee-based kombucha.

You’ve probably had typical kombucha. Made with fermented tea, this healthful beverage contains naturally occurring probiotics and antioxidants that support digestion and the immune system. The carbonation and small amount of sugar make it a viable substitute for soda.

In case you’re not familiar with Caffe Luxxe, this local coffee pioneer opened its first roastery and caffe (they go with the Italian spelling) in Santa Monica back in 2006. Focusing on high quality, sustainability, and paying their coffee farmers high wages, the company has since expanded to seven caffes in Los Angeles and Montecito.

Luxxe’s new Coffee Kombucha is the very first commercially available kombucha made with coffee. Rather than serve as a lunch accompaniment or an afternoon pick me up, these Coffee Kombuchas are more likely something you’d enjoy in the morning instead of a cold brew. The caffeine — it’s as caffeinated as other coffees — and natural effervescence make it a refreshing alternative to typical cold or iced coffees, and the quality is high as it’s made with the company’s signature Montenero coffee.

Caffe Luxxe Kombucha comes in four rich, smooth flavors: originale, vanilla, black cherry, and cola. Each kombucha contains minimal ingredients. Originale has just three (the aforementioned Montenero coffee, along with kombucha culture and raw brown sugar), while the other flavors contain just one additional ingredient: natural food flavoring.

You can buy this natural merging of caffeine and probiotics at any Caffe Luxxe location, or have it delivered, free of delivery charge, in packs of six. You can find additional info here.

Karin E. Baker

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