Southern-Style Bakery Dr. Shica’s Opens Thursday!

Image by Karin E. Baker for The LA Beat.

Dr. Shica’s long-awaited gourmet bakery finally opens its first brick-and-mortar space tomorrow, Thursday, May 20, in Culver City.

Why are these Southern-style treats so popular? Since she was a little girl in South Carolina playing with her first Easy-Bake oven, Dr. Shica learned from her mother and grandmother how to craft the tastiest desserts using premium, high-quality ingredients.

Her Oreo-bedecked vegan brownies taste rich and decadent. The red velvet cakes and cupcakes, made from her mother’s recipe, are loaded with pure flavor and topped with rich cream-cheese frosting. Her cookies are soft in the center and deliciously crispy around the edges.

Her reputation as “the Southern sweet maker to the stars” began when Hollywood executives clamored for her baked goods after tasting them at a pop-up soul food eatery on Melrose. Soon, her brownies were dubbed “Almost Famous Brownies.”  Then, Oprah Winfrey tried Dr. Shica’s desserts and crowned the bakery one of her top-three “Favorite Things.”

Photo of Dr. Shica by Jakob Layman.

A doctor of education and a college professor, Dr. Shica was laid off due to Covid-19 and decided it was time to finally pursue her dream of being a baker. She was gratified to bring delicious comfort to her customers during a tough time.

Dr. Shica uses only top-quality ingredients, including real butter, cage-free eggs, organic cocoa powder, and cane sugar.

You can taste Dr. Shica’s indulgent baked goods for yourself when her bakery opens at Westfield Culver City on Thursday, May 20. Dr. Shica’s Bakery will be open daily and you can find more info about the bakery here.

Vegan Oreo-topped brownie. Photo by Karin E. Baker for The LA Beat.

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