Marry Me, Molly! And Screw You, Joe Rogan!

Photo by Mark Blackwell. Used with Permission.

A number of friends have posted pictures of a marriage proposal over the skies of Los Angeles today. We have Mark Blackwell to thank for this awesome shot. After someone named Mike secured Molly Pratt’s hand in marriage, he seemed to freestyle with lines like “Love you more than anything. Excited to spend my life with you. Until death do us Part. Got one more thing to say. Joe Rogan is liteally 5 foot 3 [sic]. Ok see ya Los Angeles. From the Rotting German Barons. Sincerely, Mike Wieprecht.” And in an unprecedented amount of care, the plane flew back and corrected the spelling mistake, adding the missing “R.”

Elise Thompson

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  1. Just wanted to provide a fact check for your story about the Joe Rogan (Entertainment piece) marriage proposal in the sky. First of all…it was a real marriage proposal for Joe AND it was not 1000’s of dollars per message. Skytypers who I represent are the only company in the world with the patents for the systems that create these massive messages in the sky around the world. This was not a stunt – it was a real proposal and they got the massive attention that they wanted with some of the messages that were written in the sky. More info about Skytypers can be found at Contact me for any further information. Thank you.

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