Luggage Room Pizzeria Unveils New Take Away in Pasadena

The Luggage Room Pizzeria in Pasadena. Photos by Karin E. Baker for The LA Beat.

Located on a charming stretch of Raymond Avenue that’s home to the Victorian-era Castle Green and Pasadena Croquet Club, Luggage Room Pizzeria is worth visiting just for the vintage atmosphere. Happily, the food makes the Luggage Room worthy of repeat visits.

This pizza-centric restaurant is located in a 1934 building once the site of Pasadena’s historic Santa Fe depot. That train depot’s luggage room used to hold the luggage of icons like Frank Sinatra, Elizabeth Taylor, and Ella Fitzgerald as they made their way to and from Hollywood — DTLA’s Union Station didn’t open until 1939.

You’ll find an abundance of outdoor dining space here. Beautifully landscaped, the structure is surrounded by bird of paradise plants, succulents, swaying palms, and other trees and greenery.

The striking interior feels like you’re stepping back in time. Wall sconces set with amber bulbs, an elaborate chandelier above the wood bar, burnished leather seating, and brick walls all contribute to the classic vibe. 

The wood-burning oven turns out some great pizzas: thin, chewy, and made with fermented sourdough. The oven is fed with fragrant olive wood, as is done in Italy.

The Padre pizza, a must if you like prosciutto, also showcases arugula, blue cheese, dates, and balsamic. You don’t have to be vegan to love the Dalai Lama, featuring creamy cashew cheese, pesto, peppers, kale, brussels sprouts, and sun-dried tomatoes. Mushroom Party is also notable, laden with duxelle of crimini and oyster mushrooms, along with fennel and sweet onion. Gluten-free crust is also available.

The Caesar salad features an anchovy-rich dressing and standout croutons made from house-made English muffins. The flavorful vegetarian chopped salad includes olives, pistachios, raisins, cheese, piquillo peppers, chopped basil, and champagne vinaigrette.

Come hungry so you can indulge in a starter, like the rich deviled eggs or the bacon-wrapped dates with goat cheese.

The Goodnight Emilie cocktail, a variation on the classic greyhound, is beautifully rounded out with fresh mint and Peychaud bitters. You’ll also find a well-edited selection of wine and beer, including those of next-door neighbor Stone Brewing.

The Luggage Room Pizzeria recently added Luggage Room Takeaway next door to make it easier to grab their food to go. Parking is easily found in the adjacent Del Mar station parking lot. Curbside pick-up is also available.

The Luggage Room has started hosting live jazz on the patio on some Saturdays, making the atmosphere even more lively!

Luggage Room Pizzeria is located at 260 S. Raymond Ave. You can find more info here.

Karin E. Baker

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