Ruta and Tenuta Shine at 30-Year-Anniversary of Silence of the Lambs!

HM Held Judy Tenuta and Ruta Lee..

Judy Tenuta, Journalist Harrison Held, and Ruta Lee goof around at the beautiful Hollywood Museum for the 30th anniversary of The “Silence of the Lambs!” Judy was out for her first excursion since kicking cancer’s ass!!! Ruta has recently written the best seller “Consider Your Ass Kissed”! And, according to the now platinum tress wielding founder of Judy-ism, incumbent upon their ever burgeoning friendship (symbolizing the bread enrobing this bodacious Harrison Heldian sandwich, in turn, symbolically HOLDING them together) should it have led to wholly matrimony, Lee’s new married namesake would yield something stunningly Seussian: Ruta Tenuta!

Jennifer K. Hugus

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Jennifer K. Hugus was born at a very young age. At an even earlier age, she just knew she would one day write for the LA Beat! Having grown up in Massachusetts, France, and Denmark, she is a noted fan of Asian Cuisine. She studied ballet at the Royal Danish Ballet Theatre and acting at U.S.C. in their prestigious BFA drama program. She also makes her own jewelry out of paints and canvas when she isn’t working on writing absurdist plays and comparatively mainstream screenplays. Jennifer would like to be a KID when she grows up!
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