Woodystock Blues Festival With Headliner Jimmy Carpenter Coming to Laughlin: Blues, Casinos, Camping and Lots of Fun!

Woodystock Blues Festival is coming up again soon; and this one’s going to be a doozey of a weekend! This is the second year for the new location for Woodystock. This year, Woodystock takes place in the Laughlin, Nevada, Bullhead City, AZ area. This means that beside camping out as had been done in previous Woodystock Festivals (not that camping out isn’t fun!) but this location enables Woodystock guests to stay at the nearby casinos and hotels, as well as bringing your adult toys to play on the Colorado River from the campground that is right next to Woodystock. The Woodystock Blues Festival will run April 9th & 10th, 2022.

The headliner for the 2022 Woodystock Blues Festival is Sax man/Blues singer Jimmy Carpenter. Jimmy has a new album out, Soul Doctor, and you can be sure he’ll be playing plenty of tunes from this as well as many other songs. Starting off in New Orleans, Jimmy relocated to Las Vegas several years ago. Not only is Jimmy Carpenter a great blues artist, but he is also President of the Las Vegas Blues Society; and the #2 guy in one of the top yearly blues festivals, Las Vegas’ Big Blues Bender.

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FRANCE: A Perfectly Cast Film That’s More Than an Exquisite Homage to First World Angst

Lea Sydoux in 'FranceFor FRANCE, philosopher-filmmaker Bruno Dumont once again partnered with cinematographer David Chambille and distributor Kino Lorber to project onto the screen the interior world of his characters in a multi-faceted film about the media industrial complex.

In keeping with Dumont’s cinematic ideals, titular France de Meurs (Léa Seydoux) is a character who lacks heroic qualities. France the character is France the country’s top journalist, loved by viewers and an apparent cash cow for her media network. In over-the-top fashion, France’s producer-assistant Lou (Blanche Gardin) directs France’s moves for maximum social media engagement and does and says whatever it takes to manage France’s fragile emotions. Lou is a caricature, a stand in for all that is absurd in industrialized storytelling. Describing the origins of the film, Dumont says, “There’s a lot of ‘cinema’ all over the place (and in every sense of the term—a lot of playacting, a lot of dreaming). Notably in the media industry.” France too is a player, acting, directing, and editing for maximum effect but with charm and a hint of self-awareness.

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Movies Till Dawn: TV Party 2021

Kevin Can Go F**k Himself: Season 1” (2021, RLJ Films) Coal-dark comedy-drama series posits a novel premise – what if the shenanigans of TV man-children like Homer, Raymond, Kevin, etc., drove their wives to murder them? – and wields it, scalpel-like, to dissect the sitcom perspective on male-female relationships? Getting Annie Murphy (“Schitt’s Creek”) to handle the TV wife role was a shrewd move, as she handles both the sitcom and dramatic sides of her character with skill ; depicting the husband’s perspective as a multi-camera sitcom and Murphy’s slow descent into rage as a brooding single camera drama was another. The result feels fresh and deeply unhinged (in the best possible way) and laden with potential (a second season is en route). RLJ’s Blu-ray offers introductory featurettes on the premise, characters, and production.

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The Hollywood Christmas Parade with Tequila Mockingbird

Photo by Dietmar Kohl

Okay! I’m ready for the 89th annual Hollywood Christmas Parade benefiting Toys for Tots and organized by the Marines. Scientology also has a hand in all this, but they’re doing good work and making sure that children have toys for Christmas. There is no higher calling than to take care of your own, but it is especially important to care for the children of others.

It’s such a Cinderella story! I found an Armani gown in my wardrobe that I had forgotten about with the tags still on it — an amazing black chiffon (and only $10 at Goodwill 13 years ago). And the coup de grâce was I received a catalog from Harry Winston, and it had a gorgeous ribbon on it which I used to tie my hair. I might not be able to afford the diamonds, but the ribbon says it all.

The parade was brimming with stars of daytime television, like “General Hospital” and “Days of Our Lives.” It was exciting to see so many favorite soap opera stars that I grew up with, and that my grandmother grew up with. I remember how she’d rush home from work to watch her stories.

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Hanukkah Treats & Celebrations in Los Angeles

Photo courtesy of Wise Sons.

Latkes and brisket and kugel, oh my! Hanukkah 2021 begins on Sunday, November 28. See below for recommendations for places to celebrate in person or virtually, and where to get brisket, latkes, noodle kugel, matzo ball soup, and rugelach for Hanukkah dining.

A Jewish deli that began in the Bay Area to great acclaim, Wise Sons recently opened its first LA outpost in Culver City. Celebrated for both its classics and elevated takes on standard deli dishes, Wise Sons offers numerous options for Hanukkah catering. Try their chicken broth with matzo balls, braided challah, potato latkes, roast chicken, cinnamon or chocolate babka, and rugelach. You can place your order online. Place your order no later than 9 am. two days before delivery.

The Original Farmers Market will celebrate Hanukkah with the lighting of a giant menorah every night throughout Hanukkah. In addition, two kid-friendly activities will take place here on Sunday, December 5: The Chanukah Pajamikah! Show with Doda Mollie at 1 p.m., followed by Hand-On Chanukah Activities with PJ Library from 1:30 to 3:30 p.m.

2nd & PCH, a coastal urban village in Long Beach, is hosting a  free Grand Chanukah Extravaganza on Sunday, November 28, the first night of Hanukkah. First, a  menorah lighting will take place on the 2ND & PCH grand staircase at 4 p.m. led by Rabbi Abba Perelmuter. Long Beach Mayor Robert Garcia will speak after the lighting. Lively entertainment will include a stilt walker, a three-piece band, and Chanukah crafts for the kids. Light pre-packaged refreshments and chocolate gelt will be served.

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Movies Till Dawn: Wholesome Holiday Entertainment

“Prisoners of the Ghostland” (2021,RLJE Films) In a post-apocalypse Japan which has reassembled itself as a crazy-quilt hybrid of its feudal era and the American West, the cowboy-hatted leader (Bill Moseley) of a small town sends bank robber Nicolas Cage after his granddaughter, who has fled into dangerous territory known as the Ghostland. The quest, which is already fraught with danger due to the mutants and other creatures that stalk the Ghostland, is made exponentially more urgent by explosives dotting Cage’s leather suit, which are set to detonate if the girl is not retrieved in a certain time frame. Visually ripe sci-fi actioner by eclectic director Sion Sono delivers a bonkers premise and plenty of oddball flourishes (a town populated by living mannequins), which liven the overly familiar (see: “Escape from New York’) and underbaked premise. Cage, whose success-by-excess formula has propelled him through numerous (and lesser) films, underplays his role, which may or may not be a good thing for audiences. RLJE’s Blu-ray includes a making-of featurette.

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AULCIE, a Documentary Film About the Rise, Fall, and Rebound of African-American Maccabi Tel Aviv BasketBall Club Player Aulcie Perry


AULCIE, a documentary film about the rise, fall, and rebound of African-American Maccabi Tel Aviv BasketBall Club Player Aulcie Perry was written and directed by Israeli Academy Award winner Dani Menkin of Hey Jude Productions(“39 Pounds of Love” and “Is That You?”) and executive produced by Nancy Spielberg (“Above and Beyond”) and Sports Emmy Nominated Jon Weinbach (“The Last Dance”).

In this companion to Menkin’s 2016 sports documentary “On the Map,” we learn more about Aulcie Perry, a player from Newark, New Jersey whose dreams of playing NBA basketball were crushed when he was the last player to be cut by the New York Nicks in favor of someone with more experience. As uninitiated viewers see in the beautifully crafted opening sequence, instead of playing in the NBA, “he became a basketball legend in Israel…”

What many American viewers of “On the Map” don’t know but learn along with viewers unfamiliar with the story of Maccabi Tel Aviv’s 1977 European Championship win against the Soviet team is that Aulcie Perry “then disappeared.”

After two European Championship wins, a storied but doomed romance, and a conviction in an Israeli court, Aulcie Perry was deported. His mentor and Maccabi Tel Aviv General Manager Shmulik “Shamluk” Machrowski was torn apart. For Shamluk, it was like losing his own son. For Perry, things were about to get worse. During a visit to Amsterdam in 1986, Perry heard a loud knock on his hotel room door. Before opening it, he looked through the peephole. “The whole floor was police,” he says. Interpol. There to execute an international warrant. The charge? Conspiracy.

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watt’s picture of the week – tuesday, november 23, 2021

fixer-upper here in my pedro town… symbol for my life?

photo by mike watt

– – – – –
mike watt’s hoot page

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Tokyo’s Legendary Ramen Nagi Now Open in LA

Original King Ramen with pork belly at Ramen Nagi. Photos by Karin E. Baker for The LA Beat.

A legend in Japan, Ramen Nagi opened its first Southern California location in Century City earlier this month.

After years of running guerilla-style ramen shops in borrowed bar spaces and training in renowned Hakata ramen shops, Chef Satoshi Ikuta opened his first Ramen Nagi location in Tokyo. There are now 35 Nagi locations around Asia.

Ikuta is acclaimed as a true ramen master. Made with proprietary ingredients, his broths convey great depth of flavor.

You’ll find a traditional tonkatsu broth here, along with less conventional broth options like Black King (with calamari ink, blackened garlic, minced pork ball, and black sesame), Green King (a fusion-style tonkotsu enhanced with fresh basil, olive oil, parmesan, and chashu pork loin), and Red King (loaded with garlic, chili oil, cayenne, and a ball of miso pork).

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Where to Get Thanksgiving Dinner in Los Angeles

Thanksgiving Feast at Raymond 1886. Photo credit: acuna-hansen.

Thanksgiving is around the corner. If your favorite thing to make for dinner is reservations, see below for our list of some of our favorite places for autumnal feasting in LA, no cleanup required. Whether you’d like to dine by a pool beneath swaying palms or in a K-Town dive with a nautical theme… at one of Eater’s Best 11 Restaurants in the country or you’d like an assortment of vegan options… we have you covered.

Bridgetown Roti

We’re big fans of Bridgetown Roti’s Caribbean flavors at The LA Beat, and we’re not the only ones: Eater just named them one of the 11 Best Restaurants in the entire country. Bridgetown’s Thanksgiving specials include jerk turkey legs ($20), whole macaroni and cheese pies ($35), and vegan or protein mini patties ($28-52).

Cafe Gratitude

Plant-based sides and pies, all made in-house, can be ordered from Cafe Gratitude for pick up at any location (Arts District, Larchmont, or Venice) on Wednesday. Truffled Porcini Gravy ($18), Cranberry Roasted Butternut Squash and Garnet Yams ($35), French Lentil and Butternut Squash Loaf ($35), and Maple Miso Brussels Sprouts ($35) are among the Thanksgiving specials offered.


Burbank’s Castaway restaurant features stunning views of Downtown LA and the San Fernando Valley. A favorite for decades — particularly since its $10 million overhaul a while back — Castaway is now as noted for its food as for its views. Castaway’s elaborate Thanksgiving brunch begins with a platter laden with seafood, charcuterie, ricotta tartine, and more. Main course options include three types of eggs benedict, turkey, chicken & waffles, and more. Finish with an elaborate, four-item dessert platter. Brunch is $89 for adults and $35 for children.

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