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Kari Krome is a poet, lyricist, performance and multimedia artist, best known as the brainchild, songwriter and co-founder of The Runaways. Considered a child prodigy, Krome signed a contract on her 14th birthday with producer, the late Kim Fowley. She's been coined a rock 'n roll female Bukowski but says she still believes in the strange magic of faeries, gnomes and all the little people below the earth and above the sky. Krome is acknowledged in books, magazines and film for her work. She was a reporter at Time Inc. She currently resides in a Southern California beach town and when not working on her memoirs she looks for musicians to start another band, collects glam rock memorabilia, tends to her tomato garden, chases clouds and investigates Tesla phenomena. She has finished a three song EP entitled Kari Krome is Teenage Frankenstein and can't wait to record another. She wonders if there will be time enough left on earth to do all the projects she has planned.

Memories of Rodney Bingenheimer’s English Disco as the Installation Opens Inside ltd los angeles

I still have dreams about Rodney’s Disco 42 years later. If sounds were smells, I’d wake up with the scent of an E chord sitting beside me while I inhale faded magazines and memories washing by in an endless movie … Continue reading

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