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Reggae On the Mountain – A Perfect Way to Celebrate Music & Summer

Even before I moved to Topanga Canyon some five years ago, I would always make it a point to attend the annual Reggae On The Mountain Festival. Besides being a nature paradise, Topanga is bursting with musical history. This festival, … Continue reading

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Weed Review: Uplift and Rewind Disposable Vape Pens by Aces Extracts

Aces Extracts’ disposable line of vape pens has been getting some attention in recent days, scoring top marks at this spring’s Oakland Cannabis Club (#1 for Peoples’ Choice Vape and #2 Overall Vape). Upon first taste, it’s easy to see … Continue reading

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The Cannabliss Retreat: Learning to Bake and Medicate Mindfully

After a short, leisurely limousine bus ride through the Malibu canyon, an estate gate opened to a lush California oasis filled with young fruit trees, small tents under swaying palm trees, and a glistening turquoise pool. The air, filled with … Continue reading

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Pot Party! Where To Find Legal Weed Events in LA – April 2018 Edition

Cannabliss Retreat – April 19-24 “Pot party” hardly seems sufficient to describe this immersive six-day event in the hills of Malibu with a strong focus on the medical and health-conscious use of cannabis. Imagine a New Age retreat as hosted … Continue reading

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Weed Review: OMG Farms’ Disposable Vape Pen

It’s 2018, the first few months of legal weed in So Cal, and branding and presentation has become all-important for weed business entrepreneurs. Just getting people high won’t cut it anymore – companies have to offer something unique. The Rooster … Continue reading

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The 420 Games Promotes Healthy Living For Stoners – Photo Gallery

Organizers of the 420 Games say one of their goals is to break the stereotype of the lazy, slob stoner who eats Doritos and watches TV all day, which, let’s be honest, is kind of a real thing. It sure … Continue reading

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‘El Nino’ Justin Tanner’s Hysterically Funny, Insightful New Play – Dysfunction Has Never Been This Much Fun

I have seen practically every one of Justin Tanner’s plays, including “Pot Mom,” “Teen Girl,” “Wife Swappers,” and “Day Drinkers,“ just to name a few, and I am a major fan. His plays are about the human condition–the sadness that … Continue reading

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Our First Visit To The SF Valley’s Legal Weed Shops

I can hardly express the joy it just gave me to write that headline. I get it, I know that Californians have had it easier than most where weed is concerned, for decades now. I lived in the eastern US … Continue reading

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Weed Review: Black Haze By Legacy Strains

Legacy Strains has been producing indoor bud in and around LA for the last ten years. Initially founded as a resource for cancer patients, they primarily specialize in sustainable production of classic, well-known strains such as Gorilla Glue #4 and … Continue reading

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Weed Review: Mega Cookies Sugar Leaf Terp Sauce by Nameless Genetics

One of the unexpected side effects of the retail weed industry and the subsequent explosion of concentrate options, is what you might call a fear of change among us older stoners. It’s not like we’re opposed to change of all … Continue reading

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