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Talking About the Beatles! Friday August 3, at McCabe’s in Santa Monica

Every great city has its legendary music venues. Every great city has its history of legendary musical events. And every once in awhile a city, a venue and a collection of talented artists come together to make certain words like … Continue reading

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Book Review: “i am Brian Wilson”

“i am Brian Wilson” has to be one of the most honest and forthcoming autobiographies ever written by a musician, but to call it simply an “autobiography” would be to sell it short. To some, it could be considered a self-help … Continue reading

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The Spirit Of 76 – Ringo’s Birthday

This week marked the passage of another 7th of July, a date that makes me quickly forget about Independence Day and all its hyperbole.  In case you weren’t aware, 7/7 is Ringo Starr’s birthday, an event he celebrates every year … Continue reading

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Interview With James D. Cooper – Lambert and Stamp

I recently discussed the making of Lambert and Stamp with first-time Director James Cooper.  More than just your usual music-related documentary, this stark film hits home on both an artistic and an informative standpoint.  There are many brilliant insights into … Continue reading

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Behind The Lens with Pattie Boyd and Henry Diltz

Baseball fans have Cooperstown, dog lovers have the Westminster show, and the religious have their mecca. If you are a photographer and a music junkie like me, you have The Morrison Hotel Gallery. For the uninformed, the Morrison Hotel is … Continue reading

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Live Review – The California Philharmonic Presents Beatles and Beethoven

The California Philharmonic opened its 2015 season last weekend with a truly up-tempo afternoon, pairing Beethoven’s 7th Symphony, which conductor Victor Vener called “the apotheosis of the dance,” with the music of the Beatles. The Sunday afternoon performance at Disney … Continue reading

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‘Come Together’ Documents Nicely the Beatles Tribute Bands and Their Fans

The Beatles hold a unique place not in just our musical history but our cultural history as well. A new documentary from Devolver Digital Films, Come Together, covers the role that tribute bands play in keeping the Beatles music alive … Continue reading

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Wild Honey Musical Benefit for Autism: An Interview with Organizer Paul Rock

Benefit-concert producers the Wild Honey Foundation, with generous support from Truetone Music, will present the classic Beatles records Revolver and Abbey Road albums, performed in their entirety and in order by a star-studded house band and guest singers. The event, … Continue reading

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The Mating Album Covers Series – Part 1

LA Beat readers, we are pleased and proud to present the original art from a handful of highly creative photoshoppers within the ranks of the Black Cat Bone music forum. BCB contributor Kath had gotten the whole thing started with … Continue reading

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