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Movies Till Dawn: New Year, (Mostly) New Movies

“Mid90s” (2018, Lionsgate) Confident directorial debut by actor Jonah Hill, who depicts, in granular detail, middle-schooler Sunny Suljic‘s attempts to find much-needed acceptance with a group of older skateboarders. Hill has the Clinton Era cultural details down pat (especially the … Continue reading

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Movies Till Dawn: Post-Thanksgiving Small Plates of Reality

“Scotty and the Secret History of Hollywood” (2017, Kino Lorber) Delirious, gossip-laden portrait of nonagenarian Scotty Bowers, who from a gas station at 5777 Hollywood Blvd., is alleged to have provided discreet sexual favors to a galaxy of Golden Age … Continue reading

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Movies Till Dawn: Watch It! This Weekend (Salvation Edition)

Please note – possible spoilers in this first review. “The Good Place: Season Two” (2017-2018, Shout Factory) Hard-living but recently deceased Kristen Bell and her equally dead friend, ethics professor William Jackson Harper, find that their home in the afterlife, … Continue reading

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Movies Till Dawn: What You Could Be Watching This Week (My Friend Drummer Edition)

“My Friend Dahmer” (2017, FilmRise) There’s no question that Jeffrey (Ross Lynch) is a little strange: he wanders through school like a ghost, stiff and unsmiling, except when feigning a mental handicap for the amusement/dismay of his classmates. But that … Continue reading

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Movies Till Dawn: Documentary Roundup – Holy Roller Hot Rat Dragon Confidential Edition

“Marjoe” (1972, Cinedigm) In this Oscar-winning documentary, child preacher turned rock and roll styled evangelist Marjoe Gortner takes his final tour of Pentacostal revival meetings across the United States, accompanied by an undercover documentary crew intent on revealing the big … Continue reading

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Movies Till Dawn: Programmer’s Notes – Binge Watching as Patriotic Duty, Part 3 (Tomato Tarzan Gong Show Edition)

“The Gong Show Movie” (1980, Shout Factory) is a semi-fictionalized look at the mayhem that swirled around its creator and host, Chuck Barris, as he showcased the most surreal and inept acts imaginable on his late ‘70s syndicated amateur talent … Continue reading

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