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Movies Till Dawn: 2018 Gift Guide for Eclectic Insomniacs (Small Screen and Three Stooges Edition)

Goofball TV comedy or existential treatise on the human condition? In the case of Dan Harmon‘s “Community” (2009-2015), both are applicable. The series, about a gaggle of outcasts at a small junior college, embraced a dizzying array of high and … Continue reading

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Movies Till Dawn: Mad Monster Party 3 (Swarmed and Malformed Edition)

“Horrors of Malformed Men” (1969, Arrow Video) Amnesiac medical student Teruo Yoshida flees the asylum in which he finds himself imprisoned and immediately finds himself accused of murdering a circus performer. By chance, he discovers that a man to whom … Continue reading

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Movies ‘Till Dawn: Reagan-Era Excitement!

12 a.m. – “Breakin’” – Musical/Comedy/Drama (1984, Shout Factory) An unexpected box office hit for the prolific Cannon Films in the spring of 1984, “Breakin’” is essentially a rock and roll film from the 1950s tricked out in spandex and … Continue reading

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