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Ted Lange’s “The Cause, My Soul” aka Prequel to Shakespeare’s “Othello”: From the Calm before the Storm to the Charm before the Scorn

Ah Othello, Desdemona, Cassio, Rodrigo, Iago–the entire Venetian gang: Back together again for the very first time!!! The suspense, the duplicity, the black vs. white racial tension, the revelation of which would stun most in the Black Lives Matter community … Continue reading

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Ted Lange’s “The Journals of Osborne P. Anderson”: Opens in a World Premiere to Awed and Standing Ovation!

People who need overthrowing?  This world will never experience a dearth of such disturbing denizens but none stand out so dramatically as slave owners and slave owner supporters the nation over–at the apex of the conflict that would ultimately foreshadow … Continue reading

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My Dinner with Ted Lange: “Love Boat” Remembrances and Theatrical Dreams—Made Real!

I catch up with Ted Lange on the heels of the opening of his most recently directed and rousing, Lloyd J. Schwartz penned “Classic Couples Counseling”, the review of which can be found: https://thelosangelesbeat.com/2014/03/classic-couples-counseling-provides-a-prescription-for-fun-and-a-cure-via-laughter/ An actor since the age of … Continue reading

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“Classic Couples Counseling” Provides a Prescription for Fun and a Cure Via Laughter

Imagine, if you will, all beloved Kings and commoners, Princes and plebeians from our collective childhoods on–in all their gleaming  poetic  glory–reduced to the problem deducing and appointment making capacity of your average run of the mill, urban adult-dysfunction, and … Continue reading

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