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Movies Till Dawn: Even More Spookshows for Shut-Ins

“Zombie For Sale” (2019, Arrow Films) The discovery of a zombie whose bite leaves the victim feeling rejuvenated provides a family of rural eccentrics with what they believe a get-rich-quick scheme. Amusing South Korean horror-comedy eschews the usual veins tapped … Continue reading

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Movies Till Dawn: Back in Black (and White)

“The Man Who Cheated Himself” (1950, Flicker Alley) Rookie detective John Dall (“Gun Crazy“) investigates the killing of Harlan Warde, husband to socialite Jane Wyatt, who committed the murder with the help of her lover: Dall’s older brother and fellow … Continue reading

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Movies Till Dawn: A Surplus of Saturday Morning Strange

“Mako: The Jaws of Death” (1976, Retromedia/Bayview Entertainment) Misanthropic loner Richard Jaeckel uses his telepathic connection with sharks to dispose of those he believes are exploiting his toothy friends. Low-budget thriller by prolific Florida-based filmmaker William Grefe sets itself apart … Continue reading

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