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Movies Till Dawn: Son of (Mostly) New Movies

“A Vigilante” (2018, Lionsgate Home Entertainment) Domestic violence survivor Olivia Wilde provides a unique service to others like her: she removes their abusers from their lives with a brutality matching, or surpassing their own. Potent and timely mix of steely-eyed … Continue reading

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Movies Till Dawn: 2018 Gift Guide for Eclectic Insomniacs Part 2 (Nostalgia and Nightmares Edition)

As ’80s teen comedies go, I’d rather watch “Valley Girl” (1983),  Martha Coolidge‘s salty-sweet tribute to life in the San Fernando Valley, than John Hughes’ c.v. The performances are charming (especially leads Deborah Foreman and a pre-fame Nicolas Cage, but … Continue reading

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