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Dave Soyars is a freelance dilettante who is willing to try almost anything once. He knows a lot about very little but at least a little about almost everything.

Movie review: 56 Up

“Show me the child at seven and I’ll show you the man” is the phrase heard throughout the episodes of the Up documentary series, which originally premiered on British TV as Seven Up, in 1964.  The series has followed the participants, 14 English children from a variety … Continue reading

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Beat Recommends: The New Corvairs at Liquid Kitty 9/2

Liquid Kitty is known for many things- Punk Rock BBQs, $4 Pabst Blue Ribbon, and their neon “martini and cigarette” sign that draws folks to an otherwise nondescript section of Pico Blvd.  But on Sunday night September the 2nd, they’ll … Continue reading

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Movie Review: Red Hook Summer

While there are few more polarizing public figures than filmmaker Spike Lee, his verbal battles with the likes of Clint Eastwood and his often controversial public statements should not obscure the fact that he’s still one of the greatest living … Continue reading

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Movie Review: Ball Player:Pelotero

[youtube]5ivQ9caPvOs[/youtube] According to one online source, the chief export of the Dominican Republic is its 10% share of the world’s supply of ferronickel.  Any baseball fan, however, knows that the island country’s primary export is not ferronickel, but baseball players … Continue reading

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Patrick was a saint- you (probably) ain’t!

While most folks likely use the March 17th holiday as an excuse to get blotto, there are hundreds of thousands of Irish and Irish-Americans in our fair city, as well as…well, thousands, anyway, of Irish music fans.  So if you’re … Continue reading

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Taco Tuesday: Candela Taco Bar

There are many great restaurants in the Miracle Mile/Mid Wilshire area, but there is an unfortunate shortage of sit-down Mexican food. For this reason I was delighted to discover Candela Taco Bar, an intimate bar and restaurant on La Brea … Continue reading

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Beat Recommends: The Great Intervention Movie Premier

[youtube]cLfKOsSOND8[/youtube] When Steve Moramarco, lead singer of The Abe Lincoln Story, hit a rough patch for a while a couple years ago, instead of wallowing in the resulting depression, he realized that his broken dreams, general lack of direction and … Continue reading

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Film Review: Shut Up Little Man! (An Audio Misadventure)

Living in the age of instantaneous entertainment via YouTube, iTunes and blogging it’s difficult to explain the rise of audio-verite cassette tape trading to the unfamiliar.  The recordings that are the subject of this engaging documentary by Australian director Matthew … Continue reading

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