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The Los Angeles Beat is a group blog with over 30 contributors. The Beat focuses on Entertainment – especially food and music. We also feature theater, local events, film and art. We create purely original content that is not recycled from other websites. We take the road less traveled, featuring alternative local bands and independently-owned galleries and restaurants. We are visually oriented, with colorful photo essays accompanying many of the articles.

The Editor-in-Chief, Elise Thompson, started out with a food and travel blog called, Here, Eat this! The Adventures of Kiki Maraschino. Soon, Elise was contributing articles to the local news blog, LAist. In the Spring of 2011, some nostalgic writers and photographers from LAist and other sites longed for the camaraderie of a group blog. Like “Our Gang” putting on a show in the barn, we rallied and soon had The LA Beat up and running. The rest of the initial group was recruited from amongst our talented friends, as well as impressive Flickr, blog, and forum contributors who caught our eye.

Our goal is not to make money or to get the most hits. We are an artistic collective of people who have the desire to create. The LA Beat strives to provide a platform for original thinkers, promote local bands and businesses, and “turn people on to all that is funky, delicious and weird in the city.”


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