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How to Relax Your Face and Neck after Wearing a Mask all Day

Here is a very short tutorial on relaxing your face and neck muscles after wearing a mask all day from a close family friend and professional massage therapist. Follow @organicvampire on Instagram.

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41 Reasons to Wear a Mask

Written by Jula Bell Liebi A compilation of positives related to wearing a mask: 1. You will help not spread coronavirus if you are asymptomatic or symptomatic. You will be protecting your friends, family, co workers, and total strangers. 2. … Continue reading

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Books to Help You Mellow the Fuck Out

This is a stressful time for everyone. We could all use a little help. I’m not generally a reader of self-help and spiritual books. Unfortunately, the genre is beset by platitudes and meaningless catchphrases. But there are some amazing books … Continue reading

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‘The Great American Takeout’ to Help Support the Restaurant Industry

The Great American Takeout begins today, March 24, 2020, as hungry would-be sit down diners are encouraged to order at least one delivery or pick-up meal in support of the restaurant industry that is currently taking a hit during the coronavirus … Continue reading

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“A Woman’s Guide To Low Self-Esteem”: You TOO May Have Scalp Odor

“Imagine if as much thought and strategy were applied to world peace as they have been to vanquishing the eternal scourge, unsightly fat.” “A Woman’s Guide to Low Self-Esteem” is a funny and sometimes surprising look at the onslaught of … Continue reading

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Last Minute Gift Guide for Foodies & Skincare Lovers

I love giving (and getting) culinary items and skincare as gifts. Making meals and entertaining more exciting… protecting the body’s largest organ from the dry winter weather… what more can you want? Here are a few great consumable gifts that … Continue reading

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Weed Service Review: The TokrLA App Manages Your Cannabis Lifestyle When You Are Too High To Buy (Responsibly)

Ever feel paralyzed–or as we stoners say, couchlocked–by limitless choice? Going over to your dealer’s place to score some weed back in the day usually involved a more limited choice: take it or leave it. Nowadays, you can choose marijuana … Continue reading

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‘Refinery29′ Brings Back Popular Pop-up Photo Op ’29Rooms’

Refinery29 returns to Los Angeles with “29Rooms: Expand Your Reality,” opening Friday, November 8, 2019, and continuing until Sunday, November 17, 2019. This popular returning pop-up immersive experience “festival of cause, culture, and creativity” comes to a Beverly Space by HD … Continue reading

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Riveting ‘The Max Factor’ Documentary Makes its Debut at The Hollywood Museum: The Self Same Building in Which the Make-Up Empire Arose

Just as the sheen of the summer of 2019 was beginning to need one more touch up before its final close-up, throngs of actors, musicians, producers, and showbiz folk alike wheeled their previously pale faces into the old Max Factor … Continue reading

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Mattel Releases a Line of Gender Neutral Dolls

In a surprisingly progressive move, Mattel, the LA-based company that gave us Barbies, has just released a new line of dolls called Creatable World™. The six dolls come in a variety of skin tones and do not have gender markers … Continue reading

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