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Movies Till Dawn: Hired, Wired and Inspired Edition

“First Reformed” (2017, Lionsgate) Locked into an emotional and spiritual spiral by the loss of parishioners, the death of his son and declining health, a small-town Protestant minister (Ethan Hawke) finds something like purpose in the apocalyptic visions of a … Continue reading

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Movies Till Dawn: September Super Shock Show Edition

“Hereditary” (2018, Lionsgate) A pair of deaths – one by natural causes, the other a horrible accident – appear to herald the arrival of a monstrous and possessive presence in the lives of an emotionally troubled family. Deeply unsettling feature debut/endurance … Continue reading

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TODAY: ‘Kusama Infinity’ opens at the Nuart, Filmmaker Q & A Moderated by Flea of the Chili Peppers on Saturday

This story was UPDATED: 9/7/18 10:00 a.m. Best known for her polka dots, Yayoi Kusama is the “world’s best selling female artist,”  according to BBC Arts and Entertainment. Her “works have sold for over 65 million dollars… putting her 13th overall,” … Continue reading

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Movies Till Dawn: Birds, Bone and Bean Edition

“The Yellow Birds” (2017, Lionsgate) Adaptation of Kevin Powers’ much-celebrated novel traces the conflicts in war and at home endured by two American soldiers during the Gulf War. Alden Ehrenreich and Tye Sheridan are two sides of the same untested … Continue reading

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Movie Review: Madeline’s Madeline: A Surrealist Expressionist Coming of Age Drama

Madeline’s Madeline is part of the independent film movement that embraces surrealism, symbolism and expressionism as a way to tell a story. There is a ‘don’t look away’ visceral sense memory sensibility driving this uniques film. The cinematography is very much a … Continue reading

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Movie Review: ‘Scotty and the Secret History of Hollywood’

I haven’t read the book, “Full Service,” so I won’t be comparing the book to the movie. I have read Kenneth Anger’s Hollywood Babylon, which I found hilarious, erotic, illuminating and horrifying. I believe Anger’s book is comparable to ”Scotty … Continue reading

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“Highs and Lows” Double Feature Series Aims to Surprise You

A new film series starts this week at the Arena Cinelounge and The Montalban: “Highs and Lows” will screen double features of mainstream comedies paired with arthouse flicks. Designed to spark discussion about low-brow art and high-brow art, the pairings might surprise audiences by … Continue reading

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Movies Till Dawn: Death Smiles on the Saturday Morning Strange

“Two Thousand Maniacs!” (1964, Arrow Video) A carload of Yankees traveling through the Deep South comes to regret their decision to visit the small town of Pleasant Valley, where the residents’ exuberant hospitality hides a more sinister intent. Like its … Continue reading

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‘Nico, 1988’ Susanna Nicchiarelli’s Film about Iconic Musician Presents a New Kind of Model

Why make a movie about old Nico? Why not make a movie about young Nico? Such were some of the reactions when writer and director, Susanna Nicchiarelli, sought funding for her film, “Nico, 1988.” Early in the film, Nico says … Continue reading

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Fans Still Remember Marilyn 56 Years After her Death

Marilyn Monroe was officially pronounced dead at her home in Brentwood 56 years ago on this date at the age of 36. Although the official date is August 5th, many people believe she actually died on the 4th. Today fans … Continue reading

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