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Grand Park Invites You to Celebrate the 4th of July at Home with Rapper D Smoke, Chef Susan Feniger, Danny Trejo, and Shepard Fairey

Grand Park + The Music Center’s annual Block Parties have been Los Angeles’ go-to events for eight years. In spite of the Covid pandemic, they will continue to tradition with their “4th of July Block Party: Home Edition.” The first … Continue reading

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Movies Till Dawn: Sunday Screenings (The Normal New 2)

“Desolation Center” (2018) Everything you need to know about this documentary, which recalls a series of ’80s-era punk festivals in the Mojave Desert and downtown LA, is covered by Elise in this post. It’s currently available through streaming platforms, and … Continue reading

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Album Review: Neil Young – Homegrown

Neil Young – Homegrown (Warner Bros) Neil Young first notified the world that he had left a whole body of work on the cutting room floor not long after his decision to do so. In an interview with Cameron Crowe … Continue reading

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41 Reasons to Wear a Mask

Written by Jula Bell Liebi A compilation of positives related to wearing a mask: 1. You will help not spread coronavirus if you are asymptomatic or symptomatic. You will be protecting your friends, family, co workers, and total strangers. 2. … Continue reading

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The Public Image is Rotten: John Lydon’s Zoom Interview

A friend of mine from Canada sent me a text, “Are you going to the PiL Official Johnny Lydon talk on Zoom?” So I signed up for Lydon’s “Quarantine Party Only For The Headstrong,” which was being held to celebrate … Continue reading

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Talking X’s New Release ‘Alphabetland’ with DJ Bonebrake

By Andy Nystrom. Originally posted on There’s Something Hard in There. As droplets of rain plunked down upon my car’s windshield and the dreary sky became further shrouded in darkness, I waited and wondered what another pandemic day would toss … Continue reading

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An Old Fart’s Journey to Goth Part 6: So Much for the Rebellion

Written by Kevin Tuxford The Sex Pistols imploded in San Francisco and the Clash would soon become “sell out” hits across the Atlantic, where the Sex Pistols had only found a theatrical demise. In London, a growing “New Romantic” counter-movement, … Continue reading

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An Old Fart’s Journey to Goth Part 5: Then Came Punk

Written by Kevin Tuxford I’m sure I don’t need to go into the history of punk (or the debate over when and where it “started”) here. Needless to say, as soon as Johnny Rotten snarled out “I am an antichrist, … Continue reading

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Cinco de Mayan: Lucha VaVOOM Live Stream Dance Party and LLV Best Moments Tonight!

Cinco de Mayo is upon us and while we still live in isolation busy creating social distancing there is a way to celebrate. Lucha VaVOOM like many other events here in LA has had to wisely cancel their normally scheduled … Continue reading

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An Old Fart’s Journey to Goth Part 4: Bowie is God

Written by Kevin Tuxford There is no way you can consider the evolution of punk, post punk, or goth without paying tribute to the legacy of glam, and in particular, David Bowie. He affected everything, and his stint in the … Continue reading

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