40 Years of Alien: 40th-Anniversary Exhibit and Film Screenings at the USC School of Cinematic Arts Complex

Celebrating 40 years of Alien at the USC School of Cinematic Arts. All photos by Paul Koudounaris

Presented by USC Visions and Voices: The Arts and Humanities Initiative and organized by the USC School of Cinematic Arts, an exclusive exhibit celebrating 40 years of Alien will be on display at the USC School of Cinematic Arts Complex until Sunday, May 12, 2019. This groundbreaking film franchise started in 1979, bringing into it the talents of Ridley Scott, James Cameron, Sigourney Weaver and Swiss artist H.R. Giger. Alien was Based on a screenplay written by USC Cinematic Arts graduate Dan O’Bannon, who also developed the characters.

There have been six Alien films in total, including two prequels. The display at USC includes elements from all of the films, The most exciting part for many of us Sci Fi fans is the original concept artwork of artist H.R. Giger, whose work seamlessly melds the biological with the machine, creating biomechanics that are simultaneously terrifying and gorgeous. Giger, won a well-deserved Academy Award for Best Visual Effects for his work on Alien. The exhibit also includes storyboards, production design blueprints, international poster art, models, costumes, ephemera, merchandise, and fan art. Some of the props on display are realistic to the point of being disturbing, like the early gestational period face huggers of orders Hemiptera and Neuropteran of class Insecta, who look like they are going to come scuttling straight at you at any moment.

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Movies Till Dawn: TV Archaeology/Kids’ Stuff

American Vandal: Season One” (2017, CBS Home Video/Paramount Home Video) Twenty-seven penises spray-painted on teachers’ cars earns school knucklehead Jimmy Tatro an expulsion, which prompts pals Tyler Alvarez and Griffin Gluck to launch a true-crime-styled documentary investigation. Your mileage may vary in regard to this Peabody Award-winning Netflix comedy – the psychological and emotional motivation for and artistic merits of graffiti dicks are discussed at length and with great (faux) seriousness – but the adult and younger players give uniformly funny and honest turns, and the major targets – sensationalist TV, social media, rigid school politics – are lampooned without mercy. CBS/Paramount’s two-disc set includes an hour of extended interviews with the primary suspect and witnesses. Continue reading

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The Beat Killers & Hot Laundry Throw a Party at The Redwood Bar 2.16.19

All Photos by Deb Frazin

There was a riot goin’ on at The Redwood Bar in DTLA last Saturday night!

Long Beach’s Wet Pocket (formally Wascally Wabbits) got things started (very “K Records” sounding), followed by a rockin’ set by Thee Spectors. Why was the lead singer wearing blue surgical gloves during the set? I have no idea. It was weird, a bit creepy, and I liked it.

Up next was the band we were all waiting for: The Beat Killers, fronted by Paul Gonzalez (of Death Hymn Number 9 and Assquatch).  This was a very rare band reunion, and as expected, they kicked-ass!  The crowd loved every single minute of their set, and it was obvious the band was having a blast!

But the big surprise of the night was the last band on the bill: Hot Laundry (from San Francisco). I thought I’d skip Hot Laundry, and started to walk outside. Someone told me that I should stick around, because they were supposed to be great. So I stayed. And when they hit the stage, I thanked my lucky stars that I’d stayed, because I had just discovered my new favorite band!  Think dirty, hi-octane R&B – in the same vein as The Schizophonics. PURE FIERY ENTERTAINMENT!  All the songs were fantastic! Please do not miss them the next time they come back to L.A. (which should be in a few months).

Here are some pics for you to check out, and a short clip of Hot Laundry’s set. Enjoy!

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Photo Gallery: KISS Farewell Tour at the Forum, February 16, 2019

Gene Simmons with KISS at The Forum 2019. All photos by John Gilhooley for The LA Beat.

KISS Farewell Tour at The Forum February 16, 2019. All photos by John Gilhooley for The Los Angeles Beat.

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The Bob Baker Marionette Theatre Announces its New Permanent Home in Highland Park

Artist’s Rendering of the New Bob Baker Marionette Theatre

Ever since the Bob Baker Marionette Theatre closed the doors of its humble off-the-beaten-path cinderblock theater on first street late last year, the troupe has been on the road, appearing at various events and locations like the Pasadena Playhouse and the Santa Monica Pier’s holiday event, “Wonderland on the Water.”

Today via their Facebook page, the Bob Baker Marionette Theatre has announced it will be making its home in Highland Park at 4949 York Boulevard. Once again, kids of all ages can enjoy the theatre’s “3000 puppets, endless ice cream, boundless imagination, and love for its Los Angeles community.”

According to an article today in The LA Times, before its most recent reincarnation as a Korean Church, the building was once known as the York Theater, which screened films and presented vaudeville performances way back in the 1920s (So it surely must be haunted, as all of the best theaters are).

The famous marionette theatre has signed a 10-year lease on the new space, which is much larger than the original location and sports some cool old art deco touches. Due to a massive renovation in the works at the former York Theater, The first shows will not be taking place until the summer. That means Bob Baker Day will take place as planned on  February 23, 2019 at the Los Angeles State Historic Park.

the annual Bob Baker Day is still scheduled to celebrate what would be Bob Baker’s 95th birthday on  February 23, 2019 at the Los Angeles State Historic Park.

The Bob Baker Marionette Theatre is now a 501C Non-profit organization. Donate today!

Previously on The LA Beat:

Photo Essay: The 4th Annual Bob Baker Day

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Enemy Proof Live this Wednesday Night on LIVATION!

This Wednesday, 2/20/2019,  Enemy Proof plays live on Livation on KXLU!

Enemy Proof is a band from L.A., members Anthony Drinkwater, Daniel Boots Alonzo, Irvin Pacheco, & Alex Ramirez will rock the airwaves and worth checking out!  The band goes on between 12:15 -12:30 a.m. early Thursday morning, with an on-air interview with the band to follow.

Tune in to LIVATION at 88.9 FM in Los Angeles, stream it live at kxlu.com or on the KXLU phone app Wednesday at Midnight – Thurs. 2am

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watt’s picture of the week – sunday, february 17, 2019

in between downpours this morning at cabrillo beach in my pedro town, just outside the breakwater…

photo by mike watt

– – – – –
mike watt’s hoot page

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Liquid Kitty Punk Rock BBQ Returns to Harvelle’s

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Double Bill of Local Punk Movies from Penelope Spheeris and Dave Markey Rock The Red Bull Festival Saturday, February 16, 2019

  • Red Bull’s inaugural Music Festival Los Angeles Film Program – Center Channel – is taking place this month at the Ukrainian Culture Center in Hollywood. What better place, with its history of punk rock shows and melees? I myself have seen Black Flag, the Minutemen, and Unit 3 with Venus, and been involved in at least one good LAPD-sponsored riot there.

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Random LA: Banana Bread Pudding!

LaBrea Bakery has banana bread pudding! Usually served with vanilla gelato and caramel drizzle, it is delicious!

LaBrea Bakery 468 S La Brea Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90036

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