watt’s picture of the week – tuesday, october 23, 2018

last week I saw the opening for “coming into being; gathering the elder in me: an exhibition and installation by laurie steelink” at the angles gate cultural center here in my pedro town. it is very happening and I give a big recommend to everyone to come and see it!

photo by mike watt

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Movies Till Dawn: Mad Monster Party I

The Evil Dead” (1981, Lionsgate) A quintet of Michigan college students makes the unfortunate decision to read from a book of incantations, which unleashes demonic forces determined to turn them, as the great drive-in critic Joe Bob Briggs rightly put it, into “Spam in a cabin.” Ferociously energetic no-budget horror indie launched the careers of writer/director Sam Raimi, actor Bruce Campbell and producer Robert Tapert, as well as a genre-bending franchise that includes two comedic sequels, a straight-ahead remake and a terrific, short-lived series (all of which thankfully dropped the film’s most unpleasant element, an ugly encounter between actress Ellen Sandweiss and some animated branches) ; its no-holds-barred gore and breakneck camerawork have also been echoed in countless horror films over the last three decades (see the recent “Mandy”). Lionsgate’s double-disc set includes 4K Ultra-HD and Blu-ray presentations and includes amusing commentary by Raimi, Campbell and Tapert.

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Baby Trump Flies Over DTLA Oh The Humanity!

Baby Trump pre-hoisting at Politicon 2018 at the LA convention Center on October 20, 2018 in Los Angeles, California. Photo by Billy Bennight.

Friday a 20-foot replica of the infamous Baby Trump balloon that flew over London during the “president’s” visit was hoisted above the Politicon Convention in Downtown LA. Starting at around 8 A.M. the balloon was flown at the intersection of the 10 and the 110 freeways at The LA Convention Center. Luckily, LA Beat photog Billy Bennight was there to catch the magic.

After a crowdfunded balloon was said to irk “President Trump” during his visit to the UK last summer. two Americans, Jim Girvan, aged 65, and Didier Jimenez-Castro, aged 30, started their own Gofundme. They were able to purchase six replicas and start a United States tour that has hit Houston Texas, West Palm Beach Florida, and Maplewood New Jersey. It will be in Manhattan later this month.

Baby Trump pre-hoisting at Politicon 2018 at the LA convention Center on October 20, 2018 in Los Angeles, California. Photo by Billy Bennight.

According to The Bernardsville Patch, “The balloon doesn’t conflict with any Federal Aviation Administration rules,’ Girvan said. But the Secret Service does have height limitations on balloons of nothing higher than 150 feet in the air.”

The group is looking for volunteers nationwide for website development, public relations, attorneys and more. Those interested in volunteering for any service can email babytrumptour@gmail. Here is the Facebook Page. As for the LA crybaby Trump, let’s just hope someone changed his didy first, because Lord knows he has shit on us enough already.


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We Continue Following Quentin Tarantino Around: Hollywood and Vine

Hollywood and Vine Tarantino Shooting “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.” Photo by Brian Donnelly

Everything is being set for shooting tonight around the historic Pantages and the Frolic Room. Tiki bars and Girls! Girl! Girls! How Hollywood could it get? And who would have ever thought something as basic as the telephone booth would become obsolete so quickly?

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Today: The Running of the Clowns in Old Pasadena

Photo from Facebook Event Page

Running with the bulls in Pamplona was on my bucket list until I discovered that they only let men run and they torture the bulls to make them that frenzied. Now, Pasadena, that wacky city that brings you the Doo Dah Parade, is going to help you check that one off of your list. Today is the fifth annual Running of the Clowns from 4 P.M. until 7 P.M. For some people, clowns are a lot scarier than angry bulls, but there is a much lower risk of being gored. And the clowns aren’t tortured, so it’s much more humane.

You can either be a runner or be a clown. Participants meet across from the Memorial Park Gold Line Station. From there, the clowns will be chasing runners through the alleys of Old Pasadena, which is where viewers should gather. If you want to be a runner, wear the traditional white shirt and pants with a red kerchief. If you will be running as a clown, wear traditional clown attire, no scary clowns. It’s a tough choice. Clowns are hampered by those clumsy giant shoes and they are forbidden from carrying anything scarier than a horn, so it might be easier to be a runner, but much more fun to dress as a clown.

A whistle will alert the runners to take off, following a route that is outlined in the link below. 10 seconds later a starting horn will sound for the clowns to chase. Streets with traffic will be considered a “time out” where all chasing ceases and you must act like good citizens. In the alleys, go as fast as you can without knocking over passerby.

Everyone will meet up afterward at Dog Haus. It is recommended that you take the Gold Line. For spectators, please take as many pictures and videos as possible.

Important information here

Facebook Page.

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The Gears final L.A. show at Cafe Nela 10.19.18

Photo credit: Deb Frazin

The night I’d been dreading for a few months had finally arrived. One of my favorite punk bands, The Gears, had called it quits, and played their last show in L.A. at Cafe Nela on Friday night. After a few dates in Europe next month, it’s OVER.

Everyone had been salivating for this show for weeks. The line-up was pure fire: Rosemary Reyes Band, Baron Bandini, Pedal Strike, Legal Weapon, and The Gears. Sadly, Kat Arthur passed away on Oct.14, so it was just the four remaining bands (it just wouldn’t have felt right to replace Legal Weapon, so the line-up was left as-is).

Cafe Nela was packed with all the familiar faces, everyone was in a festive mood, and all the bands blew the roof off the joint. The Gears recruited punk rock guitar legend Rikk Agnew to play the final shows with them, and as expected, his playing gave the band a full, crunchier sound (makes me sad we won’t get to see any more Gears shows with Rikk). The band was having a blast running through all their songs, feeding off a crowd that was going wild through the entire set. It was the perfect ending to an incredible 40 year run. The Gears were special. I’m gonna miss the hell out of that band.

Video courtesy of Hilary Russell

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LALS Ghost Train : 18 Years and Still Wailing

All Photos by Elise Thompson for The LA Beat

Miniature trains tap into something warm and familiar in our psyche. Along with the pony ride and the Merry-Go-Round they are our first introduction to amusements and outings with the family. Hence they will never go out of style, even if we grow up to demand more thrilling experiences like roller coasters. Every October, nestled in the supposedly haunted hills of Griffith Park, about a mile from an actual Cemetery, is the Halloween equivalent to taking the kids out for a drive to see the Christmas displays and community lights.

Every October the 13-acre layout of The Los Angeles Live Steamers Railroad Museum gets decked out in creepy eye candy suitable for anyone, from those barely taller than 34-inches to your dyed-in-the-wool Hollywood “Goth” type. The 7 and 3/4 gauge “Ghost Trains” slowly chug by tableaus ranging from giant inflatable spiders to a medieval castle protected by a fire-breathing dragon, most of which are more fun and cartoony than scary.

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Serious Punking Out in Ventura Tonight!

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Movies Till Dawn: Special Beast Rubbish Edition

Beast” (2018, Lionsgate) Smothered under the emotional rubble of her dysfunctional family and troubled past, Moll (Jessie Buckley) finds what seems like salvation in rough-hewn but ruggedly handsome Pascal (Johnny Flynn); so great is her need to escape that she not only overlooks his status as the prime suspect in a series of child murders, but even offers an alibi to the police. British drama from director Michael Pearce works best when plumbing the murky psychological depths of its protagonists, both expertly played by relative newcomers, to understand how trauma and neglect can breed complicity; the thriller aspect is grisly but less compelling. Lionsgate’s Blu-ray includes a making-of featurette.

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Long Beach Zombie Fest and Walk This Weekend!

Photo by Andrew Bell

Starting tonight at 5 P.M., the Long Beach Zombie Fest will be taking over Rainbow Lagoon Park. The Zombie Walk will start tonight at 8:15 PM, and Saturday and Sunday at 7:30 PM. Don’t worry if you don’t have a costume. Zombies can wear anything, although zombie brides, cheerleaders, doctors, and farmers always add a fun twist. Once you arrive, special effects make-up artists from Cinema Makeup School will be there to zombify you for free.

In addition to the walk, there will be a festival with a haunted maze called “Infected,” an interactive maze called “Nightmares,” and an interactive breakout maze. There will be a Food Court, adult beverages and Exhibitors/Vendors. Entertainment includes DJ Ricky Rocks, an American Alligator Exhibit, Darin “Dangerous D” Malfi Ultimate Shock Show, Auzzy Blood sideshow stunts, live bands Rhythm Coffin, Idol X (Billy Idol tribute band), Hot Panda, Count Smokula and Wheel of Death. GA Tickets Friday $5, GA Tickets Sat and Sun $13. Kids 12 and under free. Tickets available at the event. Check out the schedule here.

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