An Interview With Maya Korn

” Glass Cabin’s world premiere at Screamfest was such a blast! The fab horror audience responded in just the right places to exactly the right things.  Power to the programmers for placing it by the perfect psychological thriller companion film in Abnor Pastoll’s ‘A Good Woman is Hard to Find’ and thank you to Screamfest!  The lead actress Revell (Carpenter) and I were treated like gold on the black carpet.”-Maya Korn

Known as the “Sundance of Horror,” the annual Screamfest Horror Film Festival is America’s largest and longest running horror film festival, and completed its Oct. 8th-17th run this year in Hollywood, to rave reviews from both critics and the audience alike.  As an Arts organization committed to the support and development of independent filmmakers and screenwriters of the Horror genre, it is arguably second to none.  The Festival is renowned for its premiere of ‘Paranormal Activity’ in 2007.  Other notable past premieres have included ’30 Days of Night’, ‘Let the Right One In’, ‘The Grudge’, ‘The Fourth Kind’, ‘Trick ‘r’ Treat’ and ‘The Human Centipede.”

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Offbeat L.A.: The Oldest Surviving Mexican Restaurants in Los Angeles

Four years ago when I compiled The Oldest Surviving Los Angeles Restaurants I had no idea the impact that it would have. I was hoping that it might reach a thousand people and make a difference. But the day it was published it spread like a Southern California wild fire and its embers are still burning. Now at nearly a million views, I do my best to keep it updated, adding or removing places as they close or as I discover them. To make the list of 487 restaurants more user friendly, I’ve decided to break it down into bite-sized chunks, based on food category, and add a Google map for each. That way readers can click on the map & find locations for the type of restaurant for which they are looking. I’ll probably create about 10 of these mouth-sized maps, starting with The Oldest Surviving Mexican Restaurants in Los Angeles. My criteria stands at restaurants 35 years old or older, within about an hour’s drive of downtown L.A., including Orange County and parts of Riverside and San Bernardino Counties. This list will be edited and updated regularly. (All photos by Nikki Kreuzer) Enjoy! Nikki

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The Food Event from Los Angeles Magazine Shook Things up in Malibu

Madre’s Beef Enchiladas at The Food Event. Photo by Elise Thompson

The Food Event presented by Los Angeles magazine changed things up this year, and it’s definitely for the better. Once again, the event was held at the Saddlerock Ranch, but it was set up in a different area that I didn’t even know existed. Instead of one big, broad field, the location was made up of several small, connected  clearings. Blankets and chairs were laid out to create little havens where guests could relax and spend time with friends. There were also conveniently placed barrels that you could set your food and drinks on to avoid juggling.

The tents were broken up into groupings of around three to seven restaurants, interspersed with wine merchants, making them easier to manage and much less overwhelming than the endless wall of tents guests faced in the meadow in years past. The only recommendation I might make is to provide the chefs with chalkboards so they don’t have to repeat the ingredients so many times. There were also a lot more new restaurants to discover this year, but still enough old favorites to guarantee a fantastic day.

Longtime LA Beat favorite, Chef Kris Tominaga, had the winning dish of the day at the Manuela tent. Chicken fried lobster mushrooms with celery aioli, bread and butter pickles and jalapeno on a potato bun attracted one of the longest lines of the day. Calabra also served a vegetable forward dish, plating a Japanese Sweet Potato with jalapeno dill aioli, harissa, pomegranate, molasses and burnt onion soil. It was full of flavor and had a nice, comforting texture. Its unusual look caused some picky eaters to balk, and I was like “Just eat it! It’s the best vegetable you will ever eat!”

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Save Music in Chinatown 19

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Movies Till Dawn: Dr. Caligari’s Cabinet of Horrors (Halloween 2019, Part 2)

Anna and the Apocalypse” (2018, Cinedigm) High schooler Ella Hunt discovers that the only thing worse than unrequited romance or stubborn parents is a zombie outbreak. Director John McPhail‘s mix of living dead horror and teen musical never quite gels into a consequential whole: the songs by Roddy Hart and Tommy Reilly are pop-friendly but disposable, and the splatter is modest at best, which probably won’t win over fans of either genre. But Hart and her co-stars, especially teacher Paul Kaye and Malcolm Cumming as Hart’s Ducky, give the material their all, especially in an early number where she celebrates her hometown in song, unaware that it’s being torn to shreds behind her. Cinedigm’s DVD includes a making-of featurette.

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Live Review: The Who at Hollywood Bowl

(L-R) Jon Button, Roger Daltrey, Zak Starkey and Pete Townshend of the Who perform at the Hollywood Bowl. Photo by Ivor Levene.

The Who made a rapturously received return trip to the Hollywood Bowl last weekend, playing on both Friday and Sunday to virtually full houses. It’s their first appearance there in thirteen years, despite having chosen it as their LA venue four times in a row in the early to mid 2000s. But it made a certain sense for them to be there in 2019, as their Moving On! tour scenario this year has the electric band lineup backed by a symphony orchestra. They’ve flirted with big-band instrumentation in the past, with results that can generously be described as “mixed”, but this particular show made a lot of smart choices in the planning, and was delivered in the moment with all the intensity that this group is capable of.

This kind of show is a natural for the Bowl, where it’s not uncommon to see the LA Phil perched behind amps, drum sets and even turntables. The sound system, stage setup (once described by Pete Townshend as resembling a “testicle factory”), and natural acoustics all work in the artists’ favor. Opening with the overture from Tommy, the sound of the full ensemble was massive, but stunningly detailed, Pete Townshend’s guitar slicing through the wall of sound. Roger Daltrey sang with real authority, the best performances of any I’ve seen of his in the last decade.  And though I was not a great fan of the sound of his electronic drum kit – obviously a concession to the string players sharing his space – drummer Zak Starkey’s playing was particularly lively and unpredictable. Continue reading

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Deirdre Sullivan-Berman’s “Heavy Water” at La Luz de Jesus

Deirdre Sullivan-Berman’s “Heavy Water” recently opened last week at La Luz de Jesus. The exhibition will be open to the public through October 27th,with a special artist’s talk and walkthrough with Genie Davis, who will be moderating on Sunday, October 20, 2-4 PM.

Sullivan-Berman creates beautiful, dramatic and dream-like art that births visuals of young women who drift between innocence and their awakening. As a self-taught contemporary surrealist painter, she has chosen the medium of egg tempera, which was popular in the 14th century, to paint her subjects in lavish romantic settings of metaphorical dreamscapes. Her art is a mix of representational art and feminine surrealism or whimsy, which she likes to call “Magical Realism.” Her paintings are steeped in message, but buried in haunting and mythical beauty that proves luminous and enchanting, speaking their secrets to the viewer’s eyes.

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MIGRANTES at Hollywood Forever

Hollywood Cemetery Installation. All photos by Brian Donnelly.

As part of their Day of the Dead celebration, Hollywood Forever is currently exhibiting “MIGRANTES,” life-sized figures symbolizing the 2,500 souls who lose their life every year trying to cross the border. The artist, Alejandro Santiago, is allowing Hollywood Forever to display 100 figures out of the 2,501 statues in the collection. Even with such a small representation only standing at the entrance to the cemetery, seeing all of these lost souls together is sobering.

When the artist was himself crossing the border illegally, in order to understand the immigrant experience, he was moved by the sheer number of crosses at the border, marking each death. At the time, the number of immigrants who died crossing the border was estimated to be 2,500. For this work, he created 2,501 souls “because there is always one more.” The artworks were carefully packaged and shipped from Mexico after ironically being held up at the border. After this display, they will be shipped back to Oaxaca to join the others.

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Found LA: Street Feasts this weekend


Found L.A. is a relatively new organization that was founded to connect local entrepreneurs and small businesses with consumers through free, citywide events that showcase many of our smaller, culturally diverse neighborhoods that might not get much attention.

This weekend, the participating neighborhoods, including such diverse communities as Little Bangladesh, Filipino Town, Little Belize and the Pinata District will be showcased through the eyes of residents, public figures, and artists who volunteer to share their unique perspective of the neighborhood.  Enjoy food tastings, art and local culture. FREE.  RSVP here.

Featured Neighborhood list after the break

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The Intown Report’s Gig Picks of the Week 10/17/19 – 10/23/19

Dr. Savage & the Shrunken Heads

Looking for cool live music this week? Here’s some show recommendations:

Thursday 10/17

Alex’s Bar – Johnny Madcap&the Distractions, China Wife Motors + Rundown Kreeps

Coaxial Arts – Night Tongue album release, Gitane Demone Quartet, The Academy of the Sun + DJ Mr. Pharmacist

House of Machines – Dr. Savage & the Shrunken Heads, Limit Club + DJ Zorch

Programme Skate and Sound – Eastbay, Run Your Pockets, Noise Complaint + Saucy Greg, 7PM, all ages!

Friday 10/18

The Doll Hut – Nacoleptic Yuth, The Limit Club, Switchblade 77, Gorilla Fist Fight, Fine Dining + Punk Rock Karaoke

House of Machines – Patroled By Radar, Livingmore, Pacific Range + Kat Myers

PCH Club (Long Beach) – The Hacienda Brothers

The Redwood Bar – Blind House, Katatonic, Sex Beat, + Princest

The Roxy – Cro-Mags 30th anniversary, Dead 77 (all ages), + Amygdala

The Whisky – Alien Ant Farm, Slant, Days Under Authority, Cartographer, The Raskins, Scooter Page,+ Hollywood Nightmare

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