Get Yer 80-cent Hot Dogs! ‘Pink’s’ Celebrates 80 Years by Giving Back to the Community and to Charity

Chili Dogs for Charity at Pink’s. Photo by Billy Bennight.

Pink’s Hot Dogs stand, which opened in 1939, is celebrating its 80th year on the corner of   La Brea and Melrose with Chili Dogs for Charity. the LA icon will be selling chili dogs for 80 cents for 80 minutes for 8 days starting at 8 p.m. Tonight is the 4th night, so you have until Friday night to get your grub on. The limit per customer is eight chili dogs, naturally.

Gloria and Richard Pink of Pink’s Hot Dogs. Photo by Elise Thompson.

Our own Billy Bennight went to check it out on Saturday night and had a nice chat with Richard and Gloria Pink, two of our favorite Angelenos. We aren’t surprised that the Pink family is fundraising for charity, because we see them at all of the benefits we cover, from The Special Olympics to the LA Zoo to Alex’s Lemonade. Not only do they donate hot dogs, but they show up in person and are always cheerful and friendly. Besides the Pink family, a variety of local celebrities will be on hand to greet you each night, including members of the Dodgers, the LAFC soccer team, and the Rose Queen and her court. Tonight, Monday night, November 11, 2019, George Lopez will be there.

Richard’s parents, Paul and Betty Pink, founded Pink’s in 1939 with just a pushcart, paying $15 a month rent. Hot dogs were 10 cents and cokes were a nickel. Today, Pink’s sells over 1,500 hot dogs a day and is famous for its 40 different hot dog combinations on the menu. The LA Beat spoke with Richard and Gloria Pink ten years ago and asked them for the secret. Richard says it’s the snap, and their homemade chili. They are also known as a late-night gathering place. Richard says, “If you want a party, come to Pink’s between midnight and 3 am.”

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Patrón’s Día de los Muertos Celebration was Excelente!

All Photos by Billy Bennight for The Los Angeles Beat

When Patrón throws a party you know it’s going to be a party! My first experience with Patron was in Austin Texas for the introduction of their coffee tequila lacquers. Patrón always sets the atmosphere and provided excellent entertainment. The Patron Día de los Muertos party this year at City Libre was no exception. You were immediately upon entrance embraced by the holiday with a beautiful ofrenda dia de muertos full of flowers and candles in remembrance of la Familia as only Patron can do it!

The night was cool and City Libre embraced the Spanish sensibilities of a glorious courtyard where the festivities were to take place. At the entrance, there was a bar where all who entered were immediately served a deliciously exotic Charcoal Chili Margarita with a salted sea salt foam. You had me a Margarita! Once in the courtyard were greeted by performance area, another bar and a mixed-media installation by artist Alexa Meade. There was another alter and behind it was a confectionary table of sweet delights and to the right make-up artist doing face painting and to the left a grotto with art and another bar. Oh, tres chic!

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“Mad Skills” Group Show Features Molly Segal’s Dystopic California

In the Warm California Sun. by Molly Segal, courtesy of the artist.

Painter Molly Segal has always loved industrial decay. Raised in Oakland, she returned to what she describes as “gross and gorgeous” California by way of Boston five years ago during a major drought. She began to think about drought in its many forms: finite resources, rechargeable commodities, being energetically spent.

The paintings, made with thin layers of dripping watercolor, seem to freeze the painter’s energy in a kinetic state of freshness. The scenes also have a sheen to them that she explains is accomplished through plastic in the paper.

The “apocalyptic fairgrounds” of her most recent body of work depict oil fields, rollercoasters, homeless encampments, ragged dogs, and desperate orgies in a pastel palette borrowed from the actual oil fields in Lost Hills seen on the drive from her husband’s home town of Salinas.

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REVIEW: ‘Star Trek’ and ‘Marlowe’ Dominate the Cosmos with ‘School of Night”s ‘Klingon Tamburlaine’

Director Christopher Johnson and The School of Night have brought back their Hollywood Fringe Festival 2019 production of “Klingon Tamburlaine” to the Ruby Theater the Complex Hollywood, playing until Saturday, November 9, 2019.

Together, with loads of hand-to-hand combat drama and some unique puppetry, is a brilliant marriage of a Christopher Marlowe classic and Star Trek lore in this unofficial adaptation of Marlowe’s “Tamburlaine the Great, Parts I and II.”

Johnson opens to introduce the Klingon performance troupe, Gabh ghe’naQ, who “return to earth to perform Christopher Marlowe’s classical tragedy, Tamburlaine the Great, parts I and II.” Continue reading

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The Brady Bunch Meets Heavy Metal at the Celebrity Bowl For Ronnie Fundraiser

Geezer Butler of Black Sabbath

I don’t know about you, but whenever I think of Heavy Metal, I think of The Brady Bunch. Why not? One group is decked out in leather and studs, and the other….Hmmm, OK, maybe not so much.

What does the Brady Bunch have to do with Metal? I don’t really know, but at last night’s celebrity Bowl For Ronnie event, Susan Olsen, better known as Cindy Brady was in attendance. Exactly why I couldn’t tell you, but as a fan of the show it was quite a moment–not only for myself, but for all the assembled media. Even with people like Dave Grohl, Geezer Butler, Eddie Trunk and Rudy Sarzo there, Susan seemed to be the center of attention.

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Movies Till Dawn: Persons of Interest

Rock ‘N’ Roll High School: 40th Anniversary Edition” (1979, Shout! Factory) There’s a nominal plot at the center of “Rock ‘N’ Roll High School” – diehard Ramones fan Riff Randall (P.J. Soles) wants to get her song to the band, wallflower Dey Young and BMOC Vincent Van Patten look for love, and diabolical principal Miss Togar (the eternally great Mary Woronov) wants to crush students’ spirits at Vince Lombardi High – but at heart, Allan Arkush‘s delirious musical-comedy is mostly about the giddy, all-or-nothing joy you experience as a teenager when discovering that thing (music, the opposite sex, etc.) that seems to be not only the sum of your parts, but also a possible direction (or escape route) for the future. Some of the gags haven’t aged well – there’s a leering quality to some scenes (like Riff’s take on the title track in the gymnasium) – but for the most part, “RNRHS” remains a gleeful, hormonally charged cartoon layered with Ramones’ aesthetic of girls, cars, noise and (Carbona not) glue. As such, Shout’s 40th Anniversary Blu-ray should come with a label that reads, “Use as often as needed.” The new steelcase package (and standard Blu-ray edition) includes a new 4K scan and a wealth of new and vintage interviews, including Arkush, Soles, co-writer/director Joe Dante, producer Roger Corman, and DP Dean Cundey, as well as four commentaries, featuring all of the aforementioned people in various combinations with co-star Clint Howard, co-writers Richard Whitley and Russ Dvonch, and producer Mike Finnell.

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Hollywood Museum’s Barbara Eden Birthday Bash Bestows us All a Look at Authentic Jeannie Bottle and Costume all in One!!!

(L-R) Donalle Dadigan & Barbara Eden; Photo by William Kidston, courtesy of The Hollywood Museum

On an otherwise humdrum Hollywood evening, plagued by customary traffic congestion, smog, hot dog street commerce, hot dog noshing, accompanied by fictional furry or comely characters competing for a donation or two, the lobby of the Hollywood Museum was jam packed in kind, albeit in most non-polluted, and perfumed manner, with a real life fictional character all her own. All this in celebration of a birthday to beat all birthdays: That of a most magically gridlock-clearing (if asked nicely) Jeannie that ever walked the televised earth/garden – Ms. Barbara Eden!

Roughly 2000 years in Jeannie chronology, circa 1966, her ever youthful human looks belie that of a mere 2006 year old Jeannie to her credibility defying 88 earth years.

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‘Refinery29′ Brings Back Popular Pop-up Photo Op ’29Rooms’

“What’s Your Frequency?” installation of 29Rooms at ROW DTLA, December 6, 2017. (Photo by Monique A. LeBleu)

Refinery29 returns to Los Angeles with “29Rooms: Expand Your Reality,” opening Friday, November 8, 2019, and continuing until Sunday, November 17, 2019.

This popular returning pop-up immersive experience “festival of cause, culture, and creativity” comes to a Beverly Space by HD Buttercup Venues in L.A.’s Oakwood near Koreatown and features a collection of interactive installations created by collaborators across the spectrum of art, culture, tech, entertainment, politics, and style.

Each of the rooms will be curated by brand collaborators, such as Uber, Lola, Facebook AR, Smashbox, Clarins, Hulu and more, designed with a variety of individual and collectively immersive moments.
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The Intown Report’s Gig Picks of the Week 11/7/19 – 11/13/19

Redd Kross photo by Elise Thompson

Looking for cool live music this week? Here’s some show recommendations:

Thursday 11/7

Alex’s Bar – Redd Kross, The Melvins + Toshi Kasai

Amoeba Music – Lynda Kay meet and greet, CD signing, 6PM

The Black Cat – Sie Sie Benhoff, RJ Bloke, Maesa Pulman + Time Grey

The Redwood Bar – Baby A, North By North, The Go Ahead + Cold Weather Kids

Friday 11/8

The Doll Hut – D.I., Amerikan Made + Headnoise

The Echo – Redd Kross, The Melvins + Toshi Kasai (check for tickets)

House of Machines – Anti-Flag, Bombpops + De Wayne Jackson (check for tickets)

The Redwood Bar – Crazy Squeeze, Cheap Tissue, Prince of Lilies, The Scaners + AreaMan

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Bowl for Ronnie at Pinz in Studio City Nov. 7 to Benefit Ronnie James Dio Stand Up and Shout Cancer Fund

It goes without saying that Ronnie James Dio is a legendary figure in heavy metal. Not only did he have one of the most powerful voices in the genre, he also fronted four incredible bands, namely Rainbow, Black Sabbath, Dio, and Heaven and Hell.

While his incredible voice was silenced nearly ten years ago when he died of stomach cancer, his widow and former manager Wendy Dio has been working diligently to help find a cure with the Stand Up and Shout Cancer Fund. The charity has done a number of events in the Valley, and now they have a bowling tournament that will take place at Pinz Bowling Alley in Studio City on November 7, 2019.

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