In Deed on Livation Wednesday 9/11/19

In Deed, is coming all the way from Uppsala, Sweden to play some L.A, San Diego and Fresno dates (9/12 at Maui Sugar Mill, Tarzana & 9/14 at Joe’s Great American, Burbank) and they were kind enough to stop by KXLU to play on Livation this Wednesday night.

In Deed is a 5 piece “indie power pop band with roots in the Swedish indie pop scene of the 90’s and early 2000’s.” – from their Facebook page.

‘At 4000 meters’  (2001) is their first album and it got rave reviews!  ‘Everest’ (2017) was the long awaited follow up. The band’s current label, Big Stir Records, a version was released  in 2019 with three new, additional tracks.

In Deed goes on between 12:15-12:30am, a live interview follows.. Livation is on every Wednesday night at midnight (PST) through to Thursday’s wee hours. Listen live at KXLU 88.9fm in Los Angeles or stream it live at everywhere! You can also listen on the KXLU phone app.


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So Much Fun: An Interview With Ian McDonald

“It (King Crimson) was fun!  It was done with a tremendous amount of humor. The image of King Crimson is sort of this monstrous band, but it was so much fun!  We were just having a laugh.– Ian McDonald

Between King Crimson and Foreigner (the two iconic bands he co-founded), Ian McDonald has figured prominently on not less than four of the biggest-selling albums between 1969 through 1979; no easy feat. His music has encompassed two distinct rock genres, and he is a bona fide “Prog rock god” in the eyes of his countless fans worldwide.  His career in music has spanned half a century, never once becoming stagnant, boring or mundane.

A major reason that his music has remained vibrant and exciting is because of his ceaseless endeavor to create new directions in music (he is one of Progressive rock’s ‘founding fathers’) as well as explore diverse genres. At 73, he shows no signs of slowing down his busy touring schedule, nor any inclination to rest on his laurels; unlike many of his musical peers. For those very reasons, it’s well worth looking into any project that Ian McDonald puts his hand to, and his latest band, Honey West, and their 2017 debut album Bad Old World, is no exception. Continue reading

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Abernethy’s Mixes Things up at the Music Center

Pork and Shrimp Wontons in Chili Oil at Abenethy’s, All photos by Elise Thompson for The LA Beat.

Abernethy’s, a beautiful new restaurant at the Music Center Plaza is now open for lunch and dinner. With a massive renovation, the plaza added a couple of new buildings–Abernethy’s Restaurant and the Mullin Wine Bar. Every three months (quarterly, for you business types) the restaurant will feature a new chef with a completely new menu, art and music mix all curated by the chef.

Chefs have been chosen by a panel of advisors including Chefs Govind Armstrong, Susan Feniger, Ray Garcia, and Curtis Stone, as well as “tastemakers” Phil Rosenthal and Russ Parsons, and members of the Music Center staff, who visited a plethora of restaurants around LA to find the very best emerging talents.

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LA Through a Cracked Lens: Bruce Lee

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Terzo MdR Brings Mediterranean Fare to Marina del Rey

Scallops at Terzo MDR. All images by Karin E. Baker

Newly opened at the Villa Marina Marketplace in Marina del Rey, Terzo MdR focuses on Mediterranean food served in a charming, inviting space.

Helming the kitchen is Executive Chef Brian Lavin, who appeared on Zagat’s national “30 Under 30” list in 2017. This young up-and-comer was inspired by a semester in Rome and travels in Spain to help create Terzo’s pan-Mediterranean menu.

Terzo’s second-floor location features a spacious patio, along with an inviting dining room and bar. The breezy decor includes winsome touches like a wall that’s papered in Fornasetti faces, along with vintage movie poster wallpaper near the restrooms, tin ceiling tiles, and herbs in terracotta pots.

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Movies Till Dawn: Under the Radar 3 (Even More Rarely Seen, Forgotten or Hard to Find)

“High Life” (2018, Lionsgate Home Entertainment) A spaceship heads for a black hole, while on board, its crew of convicted criminals – including Robert Pattinson – are subjected to reproduction experiments by glam mad scientist Juliette Binoche. That’s a linear take on the plot of this sci-fi/arthouse hybrid from director Claire Denis, which unfolds in anything but linear fashion, and dovetails frequently into moments of grisly death or psychedelic/hypnotic excess. I found the whole thing almost obstinately impenetrable at times, but if you’re a fan of “Solaris” or “Moon,” you might find it fascinating; either way, Pattinson holds his own, Andre Benjamin shows up briefly, and Yorick Le Saux‘s cinematography makes the bleakest parts look beautiful. Lionsgate’s Blu-ray includes making-of featurettes.

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The Timeless Eloquence of Bryan Ferry

I was happy that I was invited to see Bryan Ferry at the Greek last week. I was at his first Boston performance at the Music Hall in 1974. My roommate, Pamela Fix Manning, was A hip girl on the scene and we hooked up with radio station WBCN. Along with our friends we called ourselves Geisha. My job was to entertain rock stars–hang with the gaggle of girls surrounding him. Drink his champagne and ride beside him in his limo after the concert. I was into Eno, so I wasn’t a groupie. I wore designer gear and made him laugh. Having been raised all over the world, I was not boring. The other girls were very pretty, but had no idea about eating caviar or truffles or pâté; just the models’ diet of celery, cocaine, and Ex-lax. He was a perfect gentleman. We had a press conference in his hotel, then they squired us home at 4 am. He had his pick of girls, but he has class and chose go to bed before the next show.

Meanwhile, Brian sang so pretty at the Greek I could not even lift my camera. Every word was icing, and he was the cake. At 74 his voice has not aged a bit. Still suave and debonair. Perfect pitch as he ground through all our favorite hits–Avalon, Love is the drug,  Dreamhouse, Slave to Love. Sixteen big hits gently rocking our collective soul.

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Architects for Animals “Giving Shelter” Benefit for FixNation

Architects for Animals. Photos by Paula Lauren Gibson/AfroPix.

One of this LA’s most innovative design events, Architects for Animals® “Giving Shelter” exhibit, returned to the HermanMiller Showroom in Culver City on Thursday, September 5, 2019. This unique event benefits the LA-based non-profit FixNation, which provides free spay/neuter services for homeless cats (stray, abandoned and feral felines).

LA’s top architects and designers “design, build and donate functional and one-of-a-kind outdoor dwellings for cats. The shelters are then displayed at a cocktail reception while guests enjoy wine and vegan fare.” The dwellings will be auctioned off along with food dishes designed by celebrities like William Shatner, Clint Eastwood, Beau Bridges and Elvira. Bid on bowls (Through September 7th) and shelters (September 7-17) on Ebay here.

Photos by Paula Lauren Gibson/AfroPix after the break

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Highlights of LA Times’ The Taste: Friday Night

Sun Gold Tomatoes and Burrata from Love & Salt. All photos by Elise Thompson for The LA Beat.

The opening event of the LA Times’ “The Taste,” was a wonderful night, with the weather cooling down just in time for the evening, short lines, lots of liquor and happy chefs. It’s always exciting to be on the Paramount backlot, with their New York City streets. This is the first time I noticed that they even have a subway entrance.

Sometimes the simplest dishes are the best when the ingredients are of the highest quality, and Love & Salt turned out of our favorites,  Sungold cherry tomatoes bursting with flavor along with creamy, rich burrata. Braised Brisket Rendang Tacos with pickles veggies and micro cilantro from long time favorite Bone Kettle in Pasadena was juicy and flavorful. We could eat them every day. Las Palmas served their house special Beef Birria burritos, which taste exactly like the ones I had at school as a child.

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Where Rock And Photography Meet Art

If you’ve ever read any of my articles, you know that there are two things that I’m absolutely passionate about; Music and Photography. If I can combine the two, I’m in heaven. Coming up on Saturday, September 14 is the opening reception for Karen Fishof’s solo exhibition titled, “Radiate”.  Karen, one of the founders of Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp has met her share of musicians over the years, so naturally she’s decided to leverage her storied background with some pretty compelling images. If you’re thinking that this is just another show with photos of rock stars, you’re in for a treat.  Karen has composed all of her images by placing the subjects right on the photo paper, turning on the lights, and developing the prints. There were no cameras involved!

There are pieces of ephemera from some pretty big names in music that were used in the creation of these images, such as a pair of Ginger Baker’s and Ringo Starr’s drumsticks. There’s another print where the guitars are “signed guitars by the most famous acts in the business.”  If you think that the development of photographic prints is a lost art, see this exhibit.  I for one still miss developing my own prints, the smells of the chemicals, and the end result. See if you can guess which rock stars were used in the production of the art.  If you’re at the reception, there’s a good chance you may run into the subjects themselves, because wherever Karen Fishof goes, rock stars follow. My original story on the camp she co-founded can be found here: Sweet Dreams are Made of This.  For more information on the artist, you can visit her website. For information on the event, click here.

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