Fright Farms and Not So Spooky Farm

DEED Entertainment, whose founders were involved in the cool experientials at Coachella, have created two exciting drive-through experiences for Halloween! Located in SilverLakes Park in Norco, Fright Farms and Not So Spooky will open Monday, October 26th, and run through November 29th, 2020.

The first drive-through experiences of their kind, Fright Farms and Not So Spooky use live actors in a handful of scenes that unfold over the course of 35 minutes. You will engage in all the fun exclusively from within your vehicle, with transmissions through your FM stereo, and in complete safety-first compliance with CDC guidelines. Whether you prefer thrills and chills or an all-ages event for the whole family, chances are you will find something tempting to try at SilverLakes Park this Halloween!

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watt’s picture of the week – saturday, october 24, 2020

hard to tell which way the wind’s blowing w/this busted up windsock up on warehouse one in my pedro town…

photo by mike watt

– – – – –
mike watt’s hoot page

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Ten Spots to Catch a Halloween Drive-In Movie

If you’re itching to watch a spooky flick or horror classic on a big screen, here are ten drive-in movie options for you to celebrate the season safely during this pandemic Halloween. You can play Poison’s “Talk Dirty To Me” on the way in, just for that line in the chorus.

The Grove’s Level 8 Drive-In Fright Nights

Jump in the line and catch the never-gets-old Tim Burton classic, “Beetlejuice,” on the top level of The Grove’s parking lot on Wednesday, Oct 28th at 7:30pm. Tickets start at $60 per car and include various meal packages.

L.A. Zoo’s Hair-Raising Halloween

The L.A. Zoo has turned its parking lot into a drive-in, complete with photo opportunities, treat bags and meals that can be ordered on your phone. At 8:30pm, see “Lake Placid” on Sunday, Oct. 25th, “Clue” on Thursday, Oct. 29th, “Goosebumps” on Friday, Oct. 30th, “The Addams Family” on Saturday, Oct. 31st, or “Poltergeist” on Sunday, Nov. 1st. Tickets start at $100 for one car with two guests.

Hollywood Legion Theater’s Seven Days A Week

The Hollywood Legion Theater has opened the first official drive-in theater in Hollywood, offering movies seven days a week at 7pm to a max of 30 cars. At 7pm, see “The Omen” on Tuesday, Oct. 27th, “Marathon Man” on Wednesday, Oct. 28th, “Get Out” on Thurs. Oct 29th, “Universal Monster Night” on Fri. Oct 30th, or “Psycho” at 6:30 or 9:30pm on Sat. Oct 31st. Tickets start at $65 and include “unlimited popcorn,” one drink and one candy per person.

Roosevelt Hotel’s Spooky Sundays

The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, already supposedly haunted, has turned its valet parking lot into a drive-in with a full menu and bar service available inside an Airstream. Catch “The Addams Family” at 6:30pm or “Halloween II” at 9:30pm on Sunday, Oct. 25th. Tickets start at $55 per car and include complimentary popcorn.

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What’s the Buzz? Spooky Weekend Happenings

Subway Terminal. Photo from event page.

Saturday, October 23, 2020

Los Angeles Underground: Sleuthing Tunnels Lost & Found

Webinar 12 PM PDT – 1:30 PM PDT

Join Esotouric for 90-minute webinar exploring both small- and large-scale tunnel systems beneath Los Angeles. Hosts Kim Cooper and Richard Schave will explain the history and mythology, including the stories of the people who created them. The lecture will cover streetcar tunnels, basement service tunnels beneath historic Downtown hotels, the legendary Subway Terminal Building, ghost signs and graffiti, mineral stalactites and stalagmites, dangerous illegal excavations, peculiar discoveries and legendary hordes of gold. They will be joined by special guest Nathan Marsak, author of the recently released “Bunker Hill Los Angeles: Essence of Sunshine and Noir,” who will regale you with stories of the mythological underground-dwelling Lizard People. The webinar will be followed by a Q&A, so have your questions ready. Register here for $10, and you will receive a separate, automated email containing the link to join the webinar. The webinar is reliable on all devices, Mac, PC, iOS and Android.

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Movies Till Dawn: The World is a Monster (Halloween 2020, Part 5)

First: “The Dead Ones” (2020, Artsploitation Films) opens on a harrowing note – a quartet of high schoolers are hunted down by gunmen dressed as the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse – and from there, manages to head into even darker territory. Full disclosure: I’ve known the writer/director, Jeremy Kasten, for many years, so I will simply say that if you prefer your Halloween viewing choices on the raw and uncomfortably personal side, you’ll want a plate of this indie, which apparently lingered in production for years prior to release due to the subject matter (see the interview in the Artsploitation link). Artsploitation’s Blu-ray features commentary by the director, cast, and crew, as well as an FX showcase and set tour.

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Roundup: This Week in Brief 10/23/2020

Nancy Silverton’s Spacca Burger. Photo from Chi Spacca’s website.

You Can Now Pick up Nancy Silverton’s Famous Burger at Chi Spacca!

Nancy Silverton’s hamburgers have been a thing of L.A. foodie lore for years. Made exclusively at her home for friends, you could only approximate it by buying her dry-aged ground beef blend at Huntington Meats at the Los Angeles Farmers Market. You can now order this juicy marvel at Chi Spacca in Hancock Park on Saturdays from 11:30 to 2 p.m. The patty is “a blend of chuck, brisket, dry-aged beef trim, dry-aged beef fat, and fat from around the kidneys for optimal flavor and texture.” The Spacca Burger is topped with cheddar cheese, pickles, lettuce, onions, tomatoes and a Calabrian-chili-and-mint aioli. The Oklahome-inspired Sooner Smash is made up of two dry-aged smash patties, seared on the flat top with a mound of thinly sliced onion & topped with American cheese, mustard & pickle. $16 with a side of fries. Preorder by phone at 323-297-1130 or just show up and ask nicely. – Elise Thompson

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Enjoy Virtual and Socially-Distanced Fun at Haunted Little Tokyo This Week!

This year, “Go Little Tokyo” is presenting its 4th Annual “Haunted Little Tokyo,” starting today and continuing through Halloween. The event features both free and low-cost events, including virtual ghost tours and campfire stories, art, film, and a Halloween walking take-out event complete with appetizers and “spooky” spirits.

Virtual Ghost Tour of Little Tokyo Saturday, October 24 from 5 – 6:30 PM

I’m already registered for Little Tokyo Historical Society ghost reporter, Bill Watanabe’s tour through the 100 year-old neighborhood’s haunted past and present. You will be guided past historical buildings as you are regaled by ghostly stories and reports of paranormal activity from the eyewitnesses of these eerie events. Saturday, October 24 from 5 – 6:30 PM $10 register online.

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Pop-Up Review: Gastro Garage at The W Hollywood

Gastro Garage at W Hotel Hollywood. Photos by Karin E. Baker for The Los Angeles Beat.

Does relaxing on a Hollywood hotel rooftop as speakers blast AC/DC’s  “Thunderstruck”and a band of masked men and women cook your meal with blowtorches sound like a good time? If so, you might want to check out Gastro Garage’s “Torched,” a dining pop-up currently at the W Hotel.

I had the pleasure of joining the Gastro Garage crew, who’ve been featured on Bravo and The Travel Channel, for this progressive dinner last weekend. After seven months of low-key Covid living, it was a pleasure to enjoy a lively, theatrical evening while surrounded by sweeping city vistas and listening to “Running with the Devil” (RIP Eddie Van Halen).

Gastro Garage is “a band of traveling food pirates,” as co-founder Stewart Levine told us. “Everything we do has never been done before. Everything needs to be flamed and everything needs to be blowtorched.” This is a group with culinary credibility; many of the crew members are hospitality veterans. Levine himself used to work with Wolfgang Puck Catering and with Jose Andres at the SLS Hotel.

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How a Hollywood Comedy Venue Evolved Into a Nashville-Style Fried Chicken Shop

Poultrygram’s Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich

If you’ve eaten at a comedy club, it was probably more about satiating hunger or making sure the two-drink minimum doesn’t inebriate you rather than any sort of foodie experience. Poultrygram, a new to-go chicken spot at the Hollywood Improv, subverts that notion with its take on the Nashville hot chicken sandwich.

Before Covid shut down live entertainment for who-knows-how-long, The Improv hired Executive Chef Geno Fontanoza (formerly with Katsuya, the L’Ermitage Hotel, and the Wynn Hotels in Las Vegas) to overhaul its menus. “Even before we shut down, we were trying to raise the bar for comedy club food,” Chef Geno told me. “We don’t want to be associated with places that let food fall by the wayside.”

With doors shuttered to comedy patrons (“We were brainstorming how we could use our kitchens”), Chef Geno and The Improv’s owners found a creative way to stay in business: offer food to go — and so, Poultrygram was born.

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Mellotron Mondays: King Crimson Blot The Light From The Sky

Welcome back to Mellotron Monday, our celebration of that wacky keyboard instrument that made rock music more colorful for a while.

King Crimson are practically synonymous with the instrument. Despite their early lineup having been shaken up completely every year or two, there was always at least one mellotron player in the group, and frequently more than that. Here on “Starless”, you can see the 1974 lineup in action, guitarist Robert Fripp on his mellotron playing the floating notes that hold the chords through the intro, as David Cross plays the melody on violin. Cross will return the favor on “Lament”, in which the band which drummer Bill Bruford once called “the only group that could play in 17/8 and stay in nice hotels” will bemoan the state of the record industry.

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