LA Through a Cracked Lens: Alvin & the Chipmunks Get Their Star on the Walk of Fame

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Los Creepers on LIVATION, Wednesday 3/20!

Northeast LA punk rock veterans Los Creepers established their foundation with long time members Alex Alvarez (guitar), Herman Ibarra (drums), vocalist Javee Lopez, John Hernandez (bass), and Danny Gonzalez (guitar). Los Creepers remain true to their roots, addressing the harsh realities of a world filled with war, and anger expressing their frustration with society, the government, poverty, and heartbreak. This band is unafraid to challenge themselves musically and lyrically. 

Tune in to LIVATION at 88.9 FM in Los Angeles,  or stream it live at or on the KXLU phone app, Wednesday at Midnight – Thurs. 2am. The band goes on between 12:15-12:30 a.m. early Thursday morning, with an on-air interview with the band to follow.

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‘Leaving Neverland’ Documentary Might Dethrone ‘King of Pop’ Michael Jackson

After seeing “Leaving Neverland,” I find that I am mourning. I think of lot of us are–as Wade Robson and James Safechuck must have been all these years, as Jackson himself may have also been. And some of that reaction is, in part, a result of the documentary itself, as much as it is the alleged crimes.

The four-hour, two-part documentary, “Leaving Neverland,” directed by Dan Reed, contains detailed interviews with Robson and Safechuck–middle-aged men today who, when they were boys, worked with mega-talented pop superstar, Michael Jackson, the “King of Pop.” Robson was five when he met Jackson, then 28 at the time, and Safechuck was nine. It was 1987. An insomniac, Jackson died at age 50 in 2009, close to bankruptcy, and on drugs that may have caused his cardiac arrest.

According to the documentary, now on HBO, before meeting Jackson, both boys had creative and artistic interests. Robson won a dance contest whose prize was meeting Jackson, and Safechuck met the superstar on the set of a Pepsi commercial. The boys and their families and Jackson got along. Jackson gave them phone calls, faxes, fond nicknames, gifts, hotel stays, travel, and houses. Robson and Safechuck talk with care and specificity about feelings of love, affection, and friendship with Jackson. Safechuck exchanged marriage vows with Jackson. Both he and Robson talk about being repeatedly violated sexually by Jackson during the late 1980s and through the early 1990s. Continue reading

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Movies Till Dawn: Revenge of (Mostly) New Movies

Tyrel” (2018, Magnolia Home Entertainment) Tyler (Jason Mitchell, “Straight Outta Compton”) is the only African-American guest invited to a birthday celebration that grows more chaotic as the weekend wears on. Comparisons to “Get Out” are obvious, but don’t quite fit director Sebastian Silva‘s indie drama, which is more a chronicle of death by a thousand microaggressions than a full-bore freakout; “Tyrel’s” numerous pieces also don’t add up to a memorable whole, though Michael Cera and Faith No More’s Roddy Bottum stand out among the drunken throng, and as a depiction of privilege unbound, it has its share of discomforting moments. Magnolia’s DVD includes an interview with Silva.

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St. Patrick’s Day Without so Much Green Beer and Vomit

Courtesy of Hermosa Beach C of C on Flickr

Written with Monique A. LeBleu.

Would you like to enjoy St Patrick’s Day with a family-friendly event, or at least get through the holiday without anyone throwing up on your shoes? We have sought out events where the main event isn’t drinking. There will be some drinking, sure, I mean it is St. Paddy’s Day! But it will not be the drunken debauchery that has come to define the day when everyone is Irish.


Saturday, March 16, the Queen Mary will host its first St. Patrick’s Day Eve Pub Stroll from 7 p.m. until Midnite. In spite of the somewhat wordy name, the idea is simple. The ship’s huge Art Deco salons will be transformed into Irish Pubs, and you can spend the evening strolling from one to the other. It’s kind of like a pub crawl, but classier. Enjoy traditional Irish music performances by artists including The Poxy Boggards, Sportive Tricks, and The Merry Wives of Windsor. The entire family can drink, dance, and feast on traditional Irish food. Tickets: Adult (12+ Years): $22.00 Online, $25.00 Door Price. Child (Ages 4-11): $12.00 Online, $15.00 Door Price. Parking is $15 per vehicle on-site.

The Queen Mary – 1126 Queens Hwy, Long Beach, CA., 90802

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The Intown Report’s Gig Picks of the Week 3/14/19 – 3/20/19!

Flat Worms photo by Hilary Russell

Looking for something cool to do to do this week? Here’s some fine show recommendations.

Thursday, 3/14

Cafe Nela – The Mourners, The Yellin Bells (with Peter Lewis of Moby Grape), Seacon, + Uncle Duane’s Band

Doll Hut – Green Jelly, Chucky Chuck, Terminally Ill, Functional Lunatics, + The Wanderers

Friday, 3/15

Cafe Nela – Pat Todd & the Rank Outsiders, Moist & Meaty, The Claws, + Beggars & Choosers

Furstworld Gallery (Joshua Tree) – Fur Dixon

Redwood Bar – Jesika Von Rabbit, Annie Hardy, + DJ Nights in Retrograde (Magic Wands)

Zebulon– Jeffertiti’s Nile Continue reading

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Movie Review: Lords of Chaos

The Jonas Åkerlund directed “Lords of Chaos” combines documentary, true crime story, drama and horror genres. Regardless of whether you’re watching it at face value, already have a vague knowledge of the chronology, or are a die-hard historian or fan, the movie is a violent ride, highlighting events and personal histories while using a large amount of creative indulgence. The first thing on-screen is a disclaimer saying the film is based on truth, lies and what really happened. This film about the birth of the early ‘90s Norwegian black metal scene, church burnings and murders, has been made for the cinematic screen with source material from the book “Lords of Chaos” by Michael Moynihan and Didrik Søderlind, as well as the Norwegian documentary “Satan Rides The Media.”
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watt’s picture of the week – wednesday, march 13, 2019

yesterday it was clear enough to see the catalina casino from my pedro town… one good thing about so cal and all these recent storms: getting our skies scrubbed!

photo by mike watt

– – – – –
mike watt’s hoot page

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Where to Find Your Car Monday Morning: An Updated Map to All of the Pubs in LA (2019)

In honor of St Paddy’s Day, here is our updated map of the pubs of Los Angeles. Scottish pubs are Blue, English pubs are red, and Irish pubs are naturally green The map is set up to be updated by anyone, even you! But don’t try to pull a stunt like adding Paddy O’Furniture’s ’cause we will catch you! Check out the interactive Google Map.

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Adolescents, Mudhoney & Claw Hammer at The Glass House 3.9.19

All Photos: Deb Frazin

I’m bruised all over, my back hurts, and my ears are ringing: those are 3 signs that someone went to a kick-ass punk show. Last night we made the trip from DTLA to Pomona to catch Claw Hammer, Mudhoney, and Adolescents at The Glass House, and the 30-mile drive was well worth it.

I was excited to see Claw Hammer for the 2nd time in one week (they rarely reunite to play shows, and I loved them in the 90’s). Their show at The Satellite was amazing, but their set at The Glass House felt a bit different (in a good way) because they were playing in a larger venue, on a bigger stage. They played a hard, solid set, and the sound was perfect – clean and loud (just the way I like it). Their set was shorter than the previous show I saw (because they were the openers), but the set list was very satisfying, and the crowd really loved them. And yes, they did play “Uncontrollable Urge”!

Next up was one of my favorite bands: MUDHONEY. Unfortunately, there were some technical problems at the beginning of the show (no electricity), but they finally got it together, then started plowing through everyone’s favorites: “Into the Drink”, “Suck You Dry”, “I’m Now”, “Touch Me I’m Sick”, “Asshole”, and many more. But the big treat of the night was their encore; their mindblowing cover of The Dicks “Hate the Police” (I posted a clip of it at the end of this review for your listening pleasure). There is nothing better than a Mudhoney show. NOTHING.

Finally, The Adolescents hit the stage, and we got hit with a magnitude 9.5 punk rock earthquake. They played an awesome, loud, super fun set. Tony Adolescent always brings it, the band was on fire, and they gave us all the classics: “Word Attack”, “Amoeba”, “Brats in Battalions”, “Kids of the Black Hole”, “Rip It Up”, etc. A great, rowdy, loud, sweaty show! After the show, we went backstage, said hello to everyone, then Tony followed me and my friend Martin Wong (of the “Save Music in Chinatown” benefit shows) and his family over to Donut Man in Glendora for some delicious donuts. A perfect evening.

This triple-whammy show was just what this punk needed – I feel revitalized!

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