Local Chefs Partner with José Andrés’ World Central Kitchen to Feed our Healthcare Heroes.

The Kaiser Team. Photo Courtesy of “Help Feed the Frontline LA”

Chef and restaurateur José Andrés is a global leader in getting food to the site of natural disasters, and has even been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize due to his heroic efforts. In partnership with his global nonprofit, “World Central Kitchen,” and local chefs, “Help Feed the Frontline LA” is helping to provide healthy and free meals to healthcare workers during the COVID-19 crisis.

The movement was started by a small group of parents of LAUSD students, and now chefs like L.A. Beat favorite, Brooke Williamson is on the front lines raising money to feed over 450 medical professionals two meals a day from local restaurants at six Los Angeles ICU and ER units and hopes to add more. Participating restaurants include Chef Brooke’s own Playa Provisions, Local Kitchen + Wine Bar, Pacifique, Bacari PDR, M Café, Marmalade Café and Thyme Café.

According to Chef Brooke Williamson, “The creation of Help Feed the Frontline LA helps keep our business up-and-running and our employees working, while allowing us to play a larger role in supporting the brave medical professionals who are making sacrifices each and every day, and the locals’ donations to this cause make that possible.”

Funds for the meals are being collected through Go Fund Me, and all donations to Help Feed the Frontline LA are tax deductible. Not to sound like those old Sally Struthers commercials, but a donation of only $25  covers the cost of lunch and dinner for one healthcare hero for the day. Last Friday, Los Angeles Lakers player Anthony Davis announced a partnership with Lineage Logistics to offer a $250,000 matching donation to support the launch of the Help Feed the Frontline LA.

For more information go to the website.

Donate through Go Fund Me.


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Interview: Alice Bag Discusses her Upcoming Album ‘Sister Dynamite’ and her Punk Roots

Alice Bag. Photo by Cat Rose. Used with permission.

Written by Andy Nystrom; Photos, Cat Rose. This post originally appeared on the blog, There’s Something Hard in There.

Alice Bag and her band busted down the proverbial door from the get-go.

First song, the Bags classic punk rager, “Babylonian Gorgon,” lit the fuse of their set at The Queens of Noise Festival on March 7 at the Highline in Seattle.

From there, you know it’s gonna be a raucous next hour or so to get your blood boiling and brain on target with crucial messages that propel Alice’s solo tunes, along with the stirring “Gluttony” from “The Decline of Western Civilization” film. I joined my brother and some friends at a Hollywood theater in 1981 to witness the premiere of the movie and we were floored by the Alice Bag Band and others on the screen.

I spoke with Alice by phone a week before The Queens of Noise gig and fired off some questions that the Seattle-based promoters — which set up this interview — supplied, plus some of my own. (The Queens of Noise’s mission statement: “Supporting women by fostering an inclusive community. Providing a venue for female musicians to unite and raise awareness for women’s causes.”)

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Here’s What You Should be Hoarding: Steaks and Seafood!

Photo courtesy of Jeff Bovon.

You might not recognize L.A. native Jeff Bovon’s name, but I bet your favorite chef does. Jeff has been supplying high quality meat and seafood to the best restaurants and sushi pads in L.A. for 18 years. Prior to becoming a meat purveyor, he ran a restaurant for 10 years in Venice, so he knows what people want.

Unfortunately, the restaurant community has taken a hard hit, and that means Jeff has some product to move. He is opening up his wholesale shop for retail business during this crisis. So you can score a quality of meat not usually found in the grocery stores along with sushi-grade seafood at wholesale prices. All of his steaks are USDA Choice and above. He offers wild fish and all-natural chicken and turkey with no antibiotics. You may not have realized that almost all of the fish at the sushi bar was frozen, and you can get the exact same hamachi, octopus, scallops, and albacore. Jeff can provide you with everything except the knife skills,

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Virtual Adventure: The Tooth Fairy Maze at Knott’s Scary Farm

If there is one thing that terrifies me like nothing else, it’s the sound of the dentist’s drill. Take a walk through Knott’s Scary Farm’s tooth-themed maze with Sharp Productions. It is far worse than you would have thought, although following behind you don’t have to deal with the jump scares.

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Movies Till Dawn: The Saturday Morning Strange Stays Home

RoboCop” (1987, Arrow Video) In a future that bears alarming similarities to our present (though pandemic-free, it should be noted), a mega-corporation enlists a criminal gang to take over Detroit for re-development while also manufacturing a robotic super-cop – created from an officer (Peter Weller) murdered by the same gang – to give the illusion of hyper-vigilance. Savage lampoon of American excess by director Paul Verhoeven, who tricked audiences into believing it was just an ultra-violent, conservative-minded sci-fi movie (same goes with his follow-up, “Starship Troopers“). Over-the-top on every level and in the best possible way, from special make-up effects by Rob Bottin and stop-motion animation by Phil Tippett to scene-stealing turns by Miguel Ferrer, Kurtwood Smith and Paul McCrane; Arrow’s two-disc Limited Edition Blu-ray set includes both a 4K restoration of the theatrical version and the TV edit, commentary by and interviews Verhoeven (with co-writer Ed Neumeier, co-producer Jon Davison) and primary cast and crew, numerous new and vintage making-of docs, deleted and alternate scenes, and swell postcards and posters.

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Support Black-Owned Businesses and Treat Yourself by Ordering Some of the Best Take-Out in L.A.

The Team from Honey’s Kettle Fried Chicken at LA Times Food Bowl. Photo by Elise Thompson.

While dining rooms are closed, we need to do everything we can to keep restaurants afloat, especially ordering take-out and delivery. It’s a good time to try new places, return to former stomping grounds, and support black-owned businesses. Here is a list of some of our favorites, including updated  information as of March 27, 2020. You may still want to contact restaurants in advance regarding any potential updates on hours during shelter-in-place mandates. Also, the internet has marked some businesses closed that are still open for takeout.

If possible, order directly from the business for pick-up so the delivery services don’t take a bite. If you must, Uber Eats, DoorDash and Caviar are currently delivering for free or reduced prices.

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Coronavirus Pandemic Affects Musicians In Many Ways: Interviews

The Coronavirus pandemic affects musicians in a lot of ways, and certainly more than many other careers. Major festivals, such as Coachella in Southern California, Treefort in Boise, Ultra in Miami and SXSW in Austin have been postponed. These have affected the plans of thousands of musicians, including airfare, hotel rooms and other relatable expenses they may have already spent. Of course, unlike many jobs, there is no such thing as unemployment insurance for musicians. In addition, promoters of events, from large arenas to small intimate clubs are faced with show cancellations, affecting not only the promoter and venue owners but also the sound technicians, security staff, innumerable vendors and other jobs related to the shows. Even though the coronavirus pandemic affects musicians, it affects everyone in the music and entertainment field also.

Blues and indie musicians as a group tend to keep a rigorous schedule of touring. The Los Angeles Beat spoke with many great musical artists throughout the world to see how the Coronavirus pandemic affects musicians and what plans they’ve made during this unplanned hiatus. Will the COVID-19 pandemic supply fodder for increased creative output, or just frustrate them as well as cutting off their needed income?

Deltaphonic hails from New Orleans. They’ve recently released the single and video Liars from their upcoming third album, The Funk The Soul and The Holy Groove that will be released April 10. Deltaphonic blends New Orleans influenced funk, hill country rock and blues and soul into a delicious gritty sound. Andrew T. Weekes, guitarist and vocalist, has a positive outlook on the timing of things, saying “Right now we’re in the middle of an album release campaign promoting our third album, The Funk, the Soul & the Holy Groove. That’s our main priority, but I’m also looking forward to working on a handful of half finished songs that I haven’t had time to focus on. No better way to make peace with something bad than to take that same nastiness and use it in a good way. That’s where stank face comes from.”

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watt’s picture of the week – wednesday, march 25, 2020

I’m doing hobbles here in my pedro town by the waterfront these days and let NO ONE w/in twenty feet of me (and I will cross the road to get away from you, motherfucker)… luckily hardly anyone around these parts and that’s why I’m there. got a shot of two great blue herons in the nest they built at the top of a palm tree near warehouse one this morning…

photo by mike watt

– – – – –
mike watt’s hoot page

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Movies Till Dawn: Quarantine Queens

The Bad and the Beautiful” (1952, Warner Archives Collection) When producer Kirk Douglas calls on star Lana Turner, Pulitzer-winning screenwriter Dick Powell and director Barry Sullivan to join his comeback picture, each recalls to studio chief Walter Pidgeon how his scruple-free behavior nearly ended their careers. Vincente Minnelli’s’s beautifully appointed but acidic take on the corrosive atmosphere of the movie business highlights its cycle of tolerating toxic behavior if it generates box office dollars; the performances, led by Douglas in nuclear-strength bastard mode, are all top notch, though Gloria Grahame, as Powell’s saucy spouse, took home the Oscar (one of five netted by the film, including Best Cinematography for Robert Surtees and Best Adapted Screenplay for Charles Schnee). The parallels between its characters and real-life Hollywood players have been detailed numerous times; Warner Archives’ Blu-ray, taken from a new HD transfer, includes the frank, feature-length doc “Lana Turner… A Daughter’s Memoir” and a showcase for David Raskin’s lovely score and title track.

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‘The Great American Takeout’ to Help Support the Restaurant Industry

The Great American Takeout begins today, March 24, 2020, as hungry would-be sit down diners are encouraged to order at least one delivery or pick-up meal in support of the restaurant industry that is currently taking a hit during the coronavirus shelter in place stay-at-home mandates and self-quarantining happening nationwide.

As the coronavirus is currently posing a worldwide threat to the hospitality and food service economy that “employs more than 15 million Americans,” according to a press statement backed by restaurants such as Noodles & Company, Veggie Grill, El Torito, Jason’s Deli, The Habit Burger Grill, Lemonade, Modern Market, Chevys Fresh Mex, and Panera Bread, dine-in meals are “no longer being served at most restaurants” and “delivery and pick-up are the only ways to support these struggling businesses.”

As a further incentive to encourage support of the greater hospitality industry, California’s Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) recently lowered some restrictions for alcohol delivery. Continue reading

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