Beat Recommends: Odaal

Photo from the band’s MySpace page.

(Thanks to James Eliopolus for this preview!)

I have been waiting for the chance to write about Odaal making an LA appearance for some time now.

I first came across their music as everyone should discover them, hearing them live. I had gone out to see another band that night and the four minstrels of musical mayhem had a slot earlier in the evening. (Am I the only person in LA that wants to hear about as much music in a night as I can? The only one not so jaded that I actually like to check out whomever is playing before and after the band I am intending to see?

Well I do, and I did – and was I ever glad.)

It was, like Michael Corleone said about Appollonia – a thunderbolt.  This was music so good, performed so well, that I turned to the beautiful Ms. Julia who was accompanying me and said ‘I would go see this band anytime, anyplace – and I hope it happens real soon.’  Well, it didn’t happen soon enough for my liking.  Lot’s of shows around the periphery of LA. Or shows I found out about so late I wasn’t able to get anything posted up in time. Hopefully this is soon enough to allow you to make plans or change plans.

Thursday night, the night before, might still be crowding it. But if you can make it out, I’m pretty sure you’re going to like what you hear. Guitarist / vocalist extraordinaire Matthew Twining writes and performs from one of the freshest, most energetic voices currently composing in the alternative music genre. I absolutely hate ‘What-do-they-sound-like-that-I-know-and-like?’ descriptions, but that seems to be what motivates a lot of folks to get off their Friday night routines and venture out and into the void. So here is my best description for the musical charades ‘sounds-like’ game: How about . . .  Django Reinhart meets The Pixies meets Philip K Dick – with a touch of Jim Morrison thrown in?

See them yourself and then let us know what you think.

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  1. Odaal says:

    Thanks for the review. Odaal’s newest CD “Rodents of the Moonshine” release party is this Saturday at DiPiazza’s in Long Beach. We have the stage for hour and a half and we intend to use every bit of it. Love to see you there. Check out our Facebook page or

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