Calling all Swingers!


Yes, it’s already all over the web at Blogging LA and Curbed LA , but when something is this cool, the word should be spread. Jeffrey Waldman and his friends used a grant from The Awesome Foundation to install swings in some unlikely places. I can’t wait to try the swing underneath the pier! Let the fun commence!

The Awesome Foundation grants $1,000 every month to anyone with an awesome idea. Previous LA projects have included horseriding lessons in Compton and providing guitars for inmates. Starting with Boston, the awesome Foundation is a collection of chapters, each with its own elected “Dean of Awesome.” If there is not a chapter in your city yet, you can easily set one up!

The one-page application is simpler than some website sign-ins. I personally know a certain group of underground tree decorating elves who should probably apply (hint hint).

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