Guilty Pleasures: Celebrity Ghost Stories


Whether it’s reality shows or 70s hair bands, we all have our guilty pleasures. I feel a special thrill when I notice a new Celebrity Ghost Stories on my TiVo. What makes the program great is the editing between the first-hand accounts and creepy shots of spooky houses and shadowy figures. The strange thing is, in spite of most of the people being actors, they use other actors to portray them in the reinactments. I guess they work for scale.

After all of the creepy effects, there must not be much left in the budget for makeup because the wigs on “Dee Synder” and “Alice Cooper” are downright comical. Which of course only adds to my enjoyment.


The array of  participants recounting stories of ghostly apparitions, premonitions, and otherworldly experiences is amazing. Fred Willard? “Ralph Malph”? Shelly Long? Dick Van Patten? “Peter Brady”? Haylie Duff? Who can resist Connie Stevens learning to share a home with with the ghost of Sonja Henning or Marilyn Manson’s tale of reading from the Necromonicon (A fictional book invented by HP Lovecraft and the source of a number of hoaxes).

Now I am eagerly awaiting Celebrity Close Calls!

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  1. Simone Snaith Simone Snaith says:

    I saw the one with Rue McClanahan (Blanche from Golden Girls) and it was great. “Hey man, it’s no big deal.”

  2. ben says:

    It’s real. The half of the celebs that ARE actors, are NOT that good. They have no motive to ALL lie. $? Fame? Already got it. They don’t look like they’re lying to me. And I’ve read that professional body-language readers agree (except for Marilyn Manson). Do you really think Regis and Micky Rooney are BSing us? I suppose you think we’re alone in the universe, too. Pull your head out the sand. BEN

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