A Fond Farewell from All Movie Fans…

…to Ian Birnie, the film curator at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.  While we’ve lost nearly every revival theatre we hold dear (the older you are, the more you mourn), the Bing Theatre at LACMA had been a dark oasis.  Mr. Birnie is retiring at the end of this month and revisiting his favorites every weekend in July with the series Celebrating Classic Cinema.  With such a broad taste in film the next four weekends are going to be a treat!  Who’s coming with us?  He’s showing two of my secret favorites (“Written on the Wind” and “Bay of Angels”), two of the best films ever made about Los Angeles (“The Long Goodbye” and “In a Lonely Place”, together!), and the movie I’m named after (Joel McCrea in “Sullivan’s Travels”).  I’ll be hiding out in bushes, sneaking a toke before almost every show!  See youse,

Real all about it at Arts Meme! Buy Tickets

Here’s the whole schedule at the Bing Theatre; the movies are $10 (includes double features) or $5 just for the Saturday matinees. Let’s go!

Elliot Gould

Elliot Gould as Philip Marlowe in "The Long Goodbye"

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