Fourth of July: Saved from Sousa

Although I am a big fan of exploding things, I am not a big fan of the parking, crowds and patriotic music that often accompany fireworks displays. I usually try to attend a BBQ where we can watch the fireworks without getting hit in the shins with an ice cooler or having our eardrums assaulted by John Phillip Sousa.

The best small event I can personally recommend is Leimert Park’s Jazz and Blues Festival happening behind the Vision Theater. Live Blues and prime food stands enhance the family atmosphere.

Vision Theatre back lot, 3341 W. 43rd Pl., Los Angeles   1:00– 7:00 pm
Info: 213-202-5500

Some good fireworks to watch from afar:

Disneyland: practically anywhere in Anaheim, but a prime viewing location is in Downtown Disney. The second floor of Brennan’s restaurant is recommended.

The Rose Bowl: I hear you can see them best from the Colorado St. bridge in Pasadena.

San Pedro Harbor: Any of the streets on the hill from around Gaffey and 28th.

The Queen Mary: Have a drink at one of the restaurants in the Pike area around the Aquarium or picnic in Rainbow Lagoon Park

Dodger Stadium: This is the place to look for friends hosting BBQs in the hills of Echo Park and Elysian Park

Although some local events have been cancelled, the biggies are still on. Event listings:

 LA Fire Department List of Fireworks Displays

South Bay Foodies So Bay Events List of Events

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