5th Annual Supergirl Jam Contest – Venice Beach-August 21

Skateboarders AND snowboarders at the beach? Yup! Come check out the 5th Annual Supergirl Jam Contest this Sunday! Some of the worlds finest female skateboarders and snowboarders will entertain and inspire as you wonder, “how in the world can they do that?”  There will be both professional and amateur skateboard street competitions on a custom built course. The snowboard rail-jam contest will star a 28-foot tall man-made mountain where 80,000 pounds of real snow will be dumped on it! I’m excited to see former Supergirl Jam champ Amy Caron (Huntington Beach, CA).  The event kicks off at noon and ends at 5:00, and the best part of all this, is that it’s free! This event is really about girl empowerment so if you’re anything like me, then I’ll see you there! For more details visit www.Supergirljam.com.

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