IDEA World Fitness Convention-STARTS TODAY

This weekend Los Angeles is hosting the 27th annual IDEA World Fitness Convention.  Seminars and workshops go from Aug 11-14. There will be everything from new fitness toys to new methods in working out. Experts will be there to share and provide training for the next up and coming trend in fitness and health.  One of the 16 premier presenters that I’m particularly excited for is Sally Belanger. She is a Master Instructor Trainer who will be demonstrating the STOTT PILATES methodology and programs.  Also another cool toy that I’m dieing to get my hands on is the new Ugi ball (short for “you got it”).  It’s another balance training contraption that can go anywhere and provide you with a challenging workout.  You can find more information about the convention as well as presenters and pricing here. Hope to see you guys there!

Photo courtesy of Ugi Ball website

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  1. Jaundalynn says:

    I was so confused about what to buy, but this makes it unedrstaandble.

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