Squash that Hunger! Juice Fast Part 2



I was talking to another friend today who has also done a juice fast. She swore by it for her health and detoxing of her body. She also mentioned something I hadn’t quite come across (or chose to ignore) in my reading.  She said if I was going to do more than 5 days then I should really consider an enema. Wait what??? Yes. That’s right. I was thinking the same thing.  As she went into detail about what this entailed I quickly decided I wasn’t up to do my own. But again, I did more research and figured I could do a colonic instead.  I just would rather have a professional do it as weird as that may sound.  The appointment is in 2 days. Ill blog about it when I’m done in my next post! I’m actually looking forward to my appointment. Here’s the site to the location I’ll be going to: www.bodyclenz.com


I feel great and I’ve even lost 7lbs. I was thinking its water weight but my pants feel looser. I feel like I can keep going and do another week but then I keep remembering what food tastes like and I realize that I probably won’t.


Today feels the same as yesterday. I have lots of energy and my thoughts about food haven’t been accompanied with hunger pains. My colonic appointment is very soon so look out for my next post to tell you all about it!


I would say this was something worth my while. I feel really motivated to eat cleaner and exercise. I’ve not only lost weight but the euphoric feeling of accomplishing something like this is indescribable. I will definitely do this again in a few months.

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  1. Tawny Tubetop Tawny Tubetop says:

    Question: What did you eat once you stopped the fast? Did it taste good? Was it difficult to digest?

    • Marga says:

      Hi Twany Tubetop,

      The first thing I ate was cake.. something that they say never do. BUT it was disgusting. I could taste the sugar and butter. Everything tasted so artificial and I was only able to have two bites. About 10 minutes later I experienced the most intense head pain. It was like a brain freeze and a migraine in one. It’s hard to describe but I quickly understood why they say to eat clean getting off a juice fast. I learned my lesson. After that it was 2 days of vegetable soup. It did hurt the first day. I could feel my stomach trying to figure out what the solids were doing in my system but it was easier to digest the second day. My appetite had decreased but my cravings for savory foods was up the charts. I have more of a sweet tooth but after this fast those cravings disappeared.

      oh and p.s. the veg soup I made was the most amazing thing I had tasted all week! it was just veggies and water. no salt. no pepper. It was SO yummy! I would say your taste buds totally change.

  2. Tawny Tubetop Tawny Tubetop says:

    Mm! Good to know! I would have been tempted to dive in to the cake, too… but I can imagine how it would easily be too much of a shock to the system.

  3. Does it count as a fast if I make cake and ice cream juice in the blender?

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