Philosophy 101: KRS-One Seeks Serious Students Of Hip Hop

It's not about a salary, it's all about reality.

Photo by The Angry Citizen courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons.

In about four hours, a teacher will begin to speak.

KRS-One, one of the true  legends of Hip Hop, is offering an unusual opportunity to share his accumulated knowledge up close and personal through a program known as The Gathering. Today, September 17 at 4 pm, he’ll present the first of a series of free “‘Serminars’ focused upon the latest conspiracy theories, spiritual life skills and urban inspirational metaphysics” at the Spirit Works Center for Spiritual Living in Burbank.

In addition, he claims to be seeking one hundred apprentices who are “looking to get their Hip Hop careers started or jump start their rap or DJ careers, or even teach Hip Hop” for a group to be known as The Temple Of Hip Hop. “I will only be working, teaching and touring with them.”

Interested folks should contact or phone 818-848-4158 for admission to the Serminars, which are free but require RSVP confirmation due to limited seating.

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