B4BC at The Key Club!

Beats for Boobs at the Key Club definitely delivered.  The art section was small but the art was very cool. Definitely some conversation starters in the home if you were brave enough to purchase. The photography was of some ordinary things that had taken some unique deformities. Can you guess what they looked like if you used a bit of your imagination? The artists that contributed were Mike DeNicola, Cerraeh Laykin, Andrea Fellers, and Dianne Gianne Giannopulos.

The Fashion show was put on by some local designers. Shepetim Zero, Mae, and Shelly Erion dazzled us with some fun flirty pieces good for a night out mixed with high fashion couture.  They were all trotted by some local models that didn’t quite make the cut for Victoria Secret.  This is not a bash to either. It was awesome to see average body and average height women display these trends. There were some pieces the definitely made me say, “I would wear that”!  Here are just a few from each designer.

The food was delish! They had sandwiches and soup as well as decadent desserts and alcohol infused ice cream. Now who can go wrong with that? All these yummy items were donated by Large Marge Sustainables, Love & Butter, Jackson Market Deli and Drunken Udder.

After I made my rounds to all the attractions I made my way to Erika Seward, Director of Development. After chatting with her for a bit I realized her goals are bigger than her cute little self, but the passion behind it is a force to be reckoned with. I asked her what all this would look like to her five years from now.  Erika hopes to have educational planes implemented as the back bone of the foundation. She says: “you’re aware of breast cancer- you can get it, now what? Lets take it to the next level.  What’s your life style? What are your risks? We want to spread not just awareness but education and prevention. Lets lower risk. 70-80 percent of women that get breast cancer don’t even have it in their family history. Do you even know what a lump feels like?  I was all nods till she said that last part. I had to admit that even though I go for yearly exams and do my own self checks I still am not quite sure what it is I’m looking for. So the only logical step was to touch some boobs for an example. HA! Now don’t let your mind drift into thinking I was running around trying to get to second base with some stranger. They have fake boobs they use to not only show you what it feels like but to also show you proper technique as to how to go about it. I must say this was probably the high light of my night.  They use this as a educational tool in their campus tours.  Bringing the thought of looking for lumps to actually showing a women how and what to look for makes the issue all that much more real. Boarding for Breast cancer is truly a unique non-profit organization that is trying to teach these messages as early as possible.

The organization came out the tragic loss of a Monica Steward.  At the young age of 28 she passed away from complications of her late diagnosis. In honor of her spirit and love for snowboarding, Boarding for Breast Cancer sprouted. It’s first intention was to combine the fun of an event that would draw youth together with the importance of education and awareness for breast cancer. In its success in 2009, B4BC embarked on another mission that involved giving back to those that survived the horrific trauma that breast cancer can leave on someone. The Survivor Scholarship Fund was established and in its aim is to connect breast cancer survivors to health + wellness retreats. If you came to the event, know that you personally were involved in touching a life of a survivor .  B4BC has put tremendous efforts for reaching youth. They’ve even partnered up with professional snowboarders and surfers to help. Professional snowboarder Ian Thorley was also there in support, personally flying in just for the event!

The night ended with one of the DJs spinning old school beats as we all took a crack at our dance moves from high school.  The night was a blast!

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