Backbiter Knows How to Make an Entrance


Saturday night the Redwood bar and Grill in downtown was the site of powertrio Backbiter’s 20 year anniversary with the same lineup. Starting out as the unoffical house band of Raji’s to become the unoffical house band of Mr T’s, Backbiter is now the unofficial band of the LA Beat. Featuring contributor Heathbiter on bass, Music Editor Bob Lee on drums/vocals and Beat Marketing guru Jonathan Hall on guitar/lead vocals, Backbiter rocked the Redwood.

Always ready to blow the audience away, Backbiter starting out with this little ditty by AC/DC. The band turned it up to 11 with the addition of John Collinson on drums, Anthony Cossa on guitar and Glen Thompson on bagpipes. Also on the bill to celebrate were Biblical Proof of UFOs, The Dagons, Motorcycle Black Madonnas, and Saccharine Trust.

Elise Thompson

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