Stupid Beauty Products

(Plaintive female voice) “My skintight leopard skin pants just don’t make me look whorish enough anymore. I wish there was a product that would retain the cheap look of animal prints while somehow making me look even more ridiculous.”

 (Cheerful male announcer) Well now there is! Be a stripper! Or just look like one!”

I will admit that just this picture in the ad totally blew my mind. I immediately checked out their website at Violent Lips.

Leopard skin is just the look of this season. The temporary lip tattoos, which last up to 8 hours, also come in checkers, sparkles, giraffe print, rainbows, the Canadian flag, and with text like FEISTY POISON and KISS. I ordered the Union Jack. I’ll let you know how it goes over at the next Who concert.

Photo courtesy of Violent Lips

Elise Thompson

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3 Responses to Stupid Beauty Products

  1. Donna Lethal Donna Lethal says:

    You KNOW I love it. There’s a lot more stupid beauty products out there, don’t even get me started…

  2. The black & white checker is pretty cool!

  3. You KNOW I also ordered the black and white checkered ones. I know what you two are getting for Xmas!

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