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My favorite place to buy jewelry is on Etsy and my favorite Etsy shop is Bella Lili.  Designed by ‘Autumn’ in New Braunfels, TX, Bella Lili jewelry is romantic, gothic, Victorian, steampunk, and best of all…affordable!  If you’ve got a jewelry lover on your list, check out the shop.  Most of the pieces feature Swarovski Crystals in beautiful colors and sterling silver.  I’m a big fan of the necklaces.  Pictured above is my own purchase from earlier this year, which is called, (unfortunately) Edward’s Tear.  Twilight reference aside, it’s gorgeous and gothic and it was under $30.  (Most pieces are one-of-a-kind but she does custom orders as well.)

Here are some other beauties that you can click through to buy:

I bought two pairs of pretty earrings for friends’ birthdays this year:

All measurements for the chains and pendants are included online as well as descriptions of the materials.  The items even arrive in pretty little gift boxes.  Happy shopping!

Images via Bella Lili

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