Buy me THIS: Custom Pet Nose Print Necklace

We all know someone out there that treats their dog or cat as if it’s their child, (not that there is ANYTHING wrong with that)! Personally my little Walnut  is the best dog in the world and brings me so much comfort not to mention is the cutest thing in the world (as you can see in the picture) and oh my word if you see her tell me she has to go potty the way she stands at the door and not to mention when she wants to play or does tricks for me when she wants an apple and you should see her jump she has the longest legs and … OH.. Too far? Sorry. I digress! Ok, so pets are pretty awesome and yes I’m one of those crazy people, so if you know me or have an aunt, cousin, friend, or wife that’s as “involved” with their pet then buy them this!

I know it may be a bit on the creepy side but you can order a mold kit and have your pets little nose made into a necklace!  This company makes them out of sterling silver so it’s not only one of a kind but also of good quality. It’s sad that one day our little creatures leave us but while they’re here, take advantage and create something with them that will last.

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  1. I can’t imagine getting a cat to put up with having a mold put on its nose. “What a lovely necklace, but whatever happened to your arms?”

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