The Ludo Truck Rolls Out New Menu Items

Ludo Lefebvre is known for his pop-up restaurants, but last night he popped up a food truck inside of his own food truck! Next thing you know, he will be popping up in your own kitchen! Well, we can dream.

In response to the foie gras protestors, he served a Foie Gras Terrine Sandwich and Foie Gras Beignet amongst other treats last night at Domaine from 6pm-9pm. At lunch earlier Friday in Burbank, the truck held their chicken balls back and served a shrimp po’boy and a chicken burger. Don’t worry, their balls aren’t gone for good.

The thick, moist patty was topped with such delicious fried chicken skin it was like chicken chicharrones. I tried to control myself but I pulled them out and ate them like a sneak. The truffle cheese was a medium cheese, crumbly and insane, and I also had to pick at it. A slathering of truffle mayonnaise over a soft bun from Breadbar gave me nice breath for the rest of the afternoon.

Ludo was leaning out of the back chatting with a French news crew. When he said hello I asked him the prices of the truffle menu later that night, which were very reasonable. He added, “You know how much that would cost in a restaurant?”

“Oh right, you’re going brick and mortar, aren’t you?”

“I am.”

“But not downtown?”

“What do you mean? Not downtown?”

“There has just been a lot of speculation, ‘He’s going to open downtown.’ ‘No he’s not opening downtown.'”

“I’m looking at places all over.”

“You know where you should open? Right down the street from here.”


I was then good-naturedly chastised for making him burn his bread.

As everyone picked up their order from the window, they didn’t peek and they didn’t start eating it or sharing it. They clutched it to their breasts and made off as though they had just copped on Union. Of course, I popped my container open and immediately photographed my food in all of its glory. That caused some onlookers to ask questions about the burger. One guy said dismissively, “Oh its a chicken burger.”

Please. As if anything that came off of that truck could be bad. I said, “Listen, This guy has never served me anything dull. If Ludo handed me a shit burger topped with squid ink and lavender honey, I just might eat it.”


Elise Thompson

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