We’re on the Highway to Health: Kicking the Coke Habit

As you can see by the photos published on the Beat of food extravaganzas, tacos and late-night rock concerts, we don’t always have the healthiest habits. But having a Health Editor and a Beauty Editor in your life can inspire you to make some changes.

People are always giving me shit for my excessive consumption of Diet Coke. They cite everything from to heart disease to kidney damage to bloating. Even my doctor warned me that too much phosphoric acid is bad. I drink a lot of water, but Diet Coke is like a treat for me. I can’t smoke cigarettes or eat candy and I can only have alcohol and coffee in moderation. So Diet Coke is my only vice, and my attitude has always been, “You will pry this can from my cold, dead hands.”

But the last time I got sick I needed to replace my electrolytes. I just never got the taste for Gatorade, and SoBe often uses carmine/cochineal for food coloring, which is made from the crushed wings of beetles (look it up, people). Then I found Vitamin Water Zero. They have different varieties, like Revive, Essential, and Energy, which I guess contain the vitamins and other nutrients that are supposed to help with those particular things. I just know that they are totally delicious, refreshing, and have managed to help my Coke addiction.

There is also regular vitamin water, so if you want zero calories make sure it says ZERO. Vitamin Water is a lot more expensive, at $12 a 12-pack compared to Diet Coke’s usual sale of around $4 a 12-pack. The other drawback is that they don’t have the carbonation.  I like the fizz. Still, I drink a lot of Squeezed (Lemonade with 8 key nutrients) and XXX (Acai-Blueberry-Pomegranite with abtioxidants), and if I can replace 2/3 of my colas with Vitamin waters, it’s a big step forward.

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