I’d Eat That: Charred Baby Octopus at the Tripel in Playa Del Rey

charred baby octopus at Tripel, Playa Del Rey 051

Charred baby octopus. Looks a little funky with that sauce and all but, yeah, I'd eat that!

Along with beer cocktails and modern wines, The Tripel is serving some seriously good food.

That should come as no surprise with husband-and-wife-chefs Nick Robert and Brooke Williamson at the helm. They’re the masterminds behind the charming Hudson House gastropub in Redondo Beach and the now defunct Beechwood in Venice.

I was invited to try some of their eats at The Tripel just before Christmas and was blown away by their menu which reads like something Lewis Carroll might cook if he’d gone to Le Cordon Bleu.

Among the long list of items under the “Eat” section of the menu are white bean brushcetta, poppy-parmesean biscuits, and chicken waterzooi. Right next to that, a short selection of sandwiches lists burgers –including one with lamb – an amazing turkey pastrami, and a calamari po’ boy.

Jumping back the Eats section, the stand out was the visually stunning (to me at least) Charred Baby Octopus. Perfectly smoky, this dish presented a flavor that was also sweet and delicate. For octopus, the texture was amazing. How did they do that!? Every bit was firm but not squeaky or rubbery. The garnishes only served to complement the octopus: nutty black coconut rice, slivers of jalapeño, and saffron. Thank you sir, may I have another?

Following are pictures of a few other items from this gorgeous meal. To find out what I used to wash it down, follow this link for descriptions of some of the beer cocktails they are serving at The Tripel. Liquor licenses be damned! They don’t have a full bar but making a tasty cocktail with the beer and wine they have on hand doesn’t seem to be a problem.


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