Kim Kardashian’s Red Carpet Look!

Let me show you how to glam up your makeup to look red carpet ready, even if you’re just going to do your laundry! Who knows… maybe prince charmin’ will be at the laundromat! I’m just sayin’. You can never be too “ready”. This is a really subtle and clean makeup look that Kim wore to the Golden Globe Awards. I couldn’t pass up doing this tutorial. I hope it helps you!


Stay blessed and stay saucy!

-Libby Lu

Libby Lu

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Libby Lu is more of a Libby less of a Lu. She loves to have a joyful heart but isn't afraid to get saucy! Raised in the majestic Tizayuga,Hidalgo (yeah,say that five times) she definitely has Mexican pizzazz that on occasion will cause your nostrils to flair.. wink, wink. She loves God and loves her family and friends! One of her passions is making tutorial videos on youtube. Check her out at
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  1. What a coincidence, I’m doing laundry tonight! 😉

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