Breakfast with ‘The Dude’

Eggs Benedict ‘Dude style’…

Fresh asparagus
Black forest ham
Hollandaise sauce (fresh or Knorr powdered packet)
Saute or poach asparagus until tender, set aside. Make or mix Hollandaise while asparagus is working, set aside and keep warm/cover. Set a skillet to med.heat and warm/sear the ham as desired.

Split and lightly toast the croissants when you start the ham. In the same skillet add butter and cook eggs to over medium. Assemble croissants w/ham,egg, 2 spears asparagus and smother w/ the Hollandaise..’The Dude’ like some fresh cracked pepper on his..Enjoy and Abide..!!

After a long night of L.A.’s wild side most people don’t want to deal with making fresh Hollandaise sauce..Nor does ‘The Dude’, The Knorr powderd mix will serve you well and only reqires butter, milk and a few minutes to prepare.. And remember, Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, even if its late afternoon when you get up…’The Dude’ abides..!!

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