Disneyland is open until 6 o’clock in the Morning!

In honor of Leap year, Disneyland and California Adventure will both be open from 6am this morning, Feb 29 until 6amMarch 1st. True, it’s a little late to go for the 24-hour party, people. But! You can still pull an all-nighter. According to the guy who answered the phone five minutes ago at Disneyland, the real press was upon opening with collectors vying to get their hands on the special commemorative pins. The guy who answered the phone said that they don;t expect to reach maximum capacity. He also said you need to buy your tickets at the park when it’s same-day. Sure, the lines will be insane for rides, but you can take the monorail around and at least get liquored up and go wild! It’s like grad night, except instead of coke you’ll just have to get amped up on Caffe Lattes from Brennan’s. (yes, that’s me on the right)

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