Pasadena Burgers: Hamburger Hamlet

Entering the Hamburger Hamlet at lunchtime, I was immediately struck by the moribund air about the place. It’s too bad, because the high red booths in the back are as hip and elegant as any steakhouse. We discovered why it was so quiet when we were served pale, undercooked fries, flat cola and a ho-hum salad.

But this post is about the hamburgers, and in that area they excelled, which really, you should if you are going to have hamburger in the name of your restaurant. The classic chain offers seven standard burgers, a bunless low-carb burger and sliders. I chose the Marilyn burger, with avocado, jack cheese, tomato, onion, iceberg, pickle and Dijon mayonnaise.

Our expectations weren’t too high, but that burger blew us away! It was thick and juicy with a nice crispy char around the edges. The toppings went well together, and had the bun bursting at the seams. I would definitely return to Hamburger Hamlet, and this time I’m sitting in one of those gorgeous red booths.

Elise Thompson

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  1. Pamela Hagerty says:

    The waitress was glum and lacked sense of humor. I ordered the Monroe medium and it came Uma Thurman, bloody as hell. The salad was so so. I have no plans or returning.

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