Pasadena Burgers: Wolfe Burgers

Wolfe Burgers on Lake serves up everything you could possibly want. Everything. Mexican food, gyros, even carne asada fries. I find the more diverse the menu, the less the restaurant can focus on their draw — the burgers.

There are even three choices of dining rooms, with an enclosed patio that reminded me of the crying rooms they used to have in churches, and a patio for smoking. There are condiments galore, but the squirt-top plastic jars aren’t labeled, so you can find ketchup and mustard, but is that white stuff mayonnaise or Ranch or Bleu cheese?

Since they had everything, I ordered a side of fried zucchini, one of my weaknesses, and found them to be of the frozen variety. Unfortunately, so was the patty. Though I have to admit it was still quality meat, cooked juicy and charred. I also appreciated the effort to perfectly hatch the grill marks. I wouldn’t complain if a friend wanted to eat here, but I wouldn’t make a special trip.


Elise Thompson

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