Beaches, Burgers, and Beers: Big Deans

It is a widely known fact that ‘The Dude’ really enjoys the beach lifestyle, a good burger, and a nice cold beer. Not ironically, all these things go very well together. Today I would like to share one of my favories places in town to partake of all these pleasures. Santa Monica Pier (Now the terminus of Route 66), is a true piece of Los Angeles history. A bit more generic since the facelift and repairs from the severe damage in the storms of ’81-’82, but the charm is still there if you know where to look. ‘The Dude’ finds that charm at a place called Big Deans.

Immediately south of the pier on the Boardwalk, Big Deans has been serving burgers and beers in one form or another since 1901, and you can feel it in the air and attitude of its servers and patrons. This place is cool. man. ‘The Dude’ prefers a Big Dean burger customized into a ‘Big Dude’ burger with grilled onions,and pickled Jalapenos. Chili fries always seem to help, and there are 40 kinds of beer to soothe you in any number of ways depending on what state of thirst you my find yourself. Tell ’em ‘The Dude’ sent you…And “muscle in”…’The Dude’ abides, man..!!!

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  1. Pia says:

    Big Deans is always my midway stop whilst biking along the shore. Nothing like a cold one delivered by friendly servers after riding in the sun. Thanks “Dude” for reminding me to get back on that bike and stopping off at Big Deans! Pia

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