Beaches, Burgers, and Beers: The Shack

There are quite a few good words that start with the letter ‘B’…For the sake of this column, lets keep it to: Beaches, burgers, and beers.
Where Culver Blvd. meets the sea, you will find ‘The Shack’..Playa del Rey is a great community and you should all check it out..Good beaches, good people, good food and good times for sure..That’s what ‘The Shack’ is about.. “Dude food without peer” is the  slogan and it’s true man… Here are two of ‘The Dudes’ favorites..Double Shack cheese w/ avocado and grilled onion, and the double-dipped wings… Many good beers on tap and full-bar as well for your personal selection… Let’s rock..!!   This is the 1st in a series…’The Dude’ likes beaches, burgers, and beers…

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