TRASHed Coachella @ Lab Art Gallery

The TRASHed :: Art Of Recycling campaign is an ongoing recycling education program that redefines the way people view recycling and trash collection. Global Inheritance (GI) arranges the artistic redesign of recycling bins, then integrates the bins at high visibility events, such as  Coachella 2012 , to encourage recycling and provide additional outlets for people to appreciate the artwork. GI received 6,453 emails expressing interest from which they narrowed down to 50 artists. Lab Art Gallery was site of an one night exhibit honoring this year’s artists before all the redesigned recycling bins are transferred to the Coachella festival grounds.

Photography by Paula Lauren Gibson/AfroPix
Acetates Gutierrez + Alex Chiu + Ben Swenson + Brandon Sopinsky + Caitlin Kouba + Cesar Torres + Chad Carrother + Daisuke Okamoto + Danny Heller + Dawson Dill + Deborah Oh + Deedee Cheriel + Elvis Segarich + Eyerus + Gabriela DiSarli + Graham Curran + Jacob Livengood + James Jurado + Jim Truong + Joaquin Gutierrez Vazquez + Jordan Rosenheck + Kaya + Kira Safan + Kozyndan + Kristina Wayte + Lester Corral + MakeOne + Matt Ketchum + Matt Scheiblin + Matthew Tuszynski + Megan Flaherty + Melany Meza-Dierks + Michael Pizarro + Miguel Cariño + Nalena Kumar + Nancy Ramirez Legy + Nathan Pestana + Nori Pesina + Omar Lopez + Paul Nguyen + RISK + Ritzie Yap + Shannon Simbulan + Sophie C’est la Vie + Star27 + Terri Berman + Thank You X + Tim Shockley + Twentyseven Studio + Yanin Ruibal + Youko Horiuchi
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