Have you ever wondered about all the “stray” cats you see in your neighborhood that run away when you try to approach them?  Or the ones that always seem pregnant?  Or you just hear at night?  Have you wondered why there are always kittens in the shelters or why so many more cats are euthanized than dogs (75% vs 50%)?

You can be a part of the solution for these “stray” cats!  Many of them are feral–they are essentially wild animals living among us and who need our help.

A variety of speakers including Bryan Kortis from PetSmart Charities, Ben Lehrer from Kitten Rescue, Christi Metropole from Stray Cat Alliance, Liz Cava and Karn Myers from FixNation, and Dona Cosgrove Baker of the Feral Cat Caretakers will teach attendees all the basics for how to trap, where to spay/neuter, release, and maintain a feral cat colony.

Sign up now to secure your place at this once-a-year event!!
Breakfast and lunch included

For only $20, you will receive:
The Neighborhood Cats TNR Handbook, Tomahawk trap ($75 value), and certificate of completion!
All proceeds go to support spay neuter in Los Angeles.

June 24   |   $20.00 per person-click link for tickets

9 A.M. to 5:30 P.M.   |

Rio Hondo Event Center

10627 Old River School Road Downey, CA 90241

Hosted by FoundAnimalsFoundation


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