Mount Analog Opens in Highland Park

A new vendor and performance venue, Mount Analog, will have a grand opening on Saturday, July 14 at 5906 1/2 Figueroa Ave, near the Highland Park Gold Line train station. Serving as the West Coast office for the UK’s Finders Keepers Records (psychedelic, jazz, funk, avant-garde), the new space is also intended to be a “community nerve center”. It will specialize in new and used vinyl records, boutique clothing and books, but also host art shows, live music, film screenings and book readings.

Please, oh please, someone go in and ask for Nickleback.

Image courtesy of Shaker Maker

Simone Snaith

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  1. Hey There Simone,
    Thanks you for your post, I am doing a basic ( analog 35mm + digital camera + hotshoe mounted flash ) photoshoot at the opening night of a friend’s custom bodyshop and want to be sure the shots of the cars, boats and other vehicles that have a clearcoat finish won’t come out with a white or yellow “flashspot” on it….Besides a diffuser, any other tips , tricks or techniques to help me out ???? ( I can’t afford the fancy lighting setup of typical photoshoots plus there will be lots of people so I’ll have to be mobile !!! )

    Thanks in Advance !!!!!

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