Ms. Bettie’s Wrong Advice: Be The Last One At The Party

Ms Bettie's Wrong Advice

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So, you like to party and you don’t want the party to end. Is that so wrong?!Nooooo.

I get it.

I’ve been there, I know. When I was the last one, I knew I was lingering at the bar because, ok, I was lonely. I didn’t have anything to go home to. Rather than make it any more painfully obvious to myself, I delayed the moment when I’d have to walk into my empty, dark apartment and stare into nothingness rather than the loving eyes of a boyfriend (or husband, or perhaps a dog) waiting for me patiently…longingly, even.

Sound familiar?

The Brown Betties Guide: Tip #1 Be The Last One At The Party”

Who has time for lonely, empty nothingness? You don’t! Instead of going home to THAT, staaaayy at the party. Stay until you are the absolute last one and the bartender’s bellow, “LAST CALL” is meant especially for you!

Yes, you will appear desperate and alone, but there’s nothing wrong with that. You have many other redeeming qualities that speak louder than your loneliness, right?

You may even attract someone…won’t be the cream of the crop, because that guy left ages ago. In your case, something is better than nothing, right? Right!!

Have fun!!

Ms. Bettie

Ms Bettie

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Peppur Chambers (aka Ms Bettie) is a writer and creator/performer of Harlem 's Night Cabaret performed by the sultry, sassy, sophisticated Brown Betties. Watch the funny webseries "The Brown Betties Guide: How to Look for Love In All The Wrong Places." and purchase the book of the same title on Stalk her:, Twitter @BrownBettie. Sites:,,,
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