Beat Recommends: Quintron and Miss Pussycat @ Alex’s Bar 06/24/2012

The last time I saw my very last glimpse of Quintron and Miss Pussycat, it was about 2004.  I was 19 years-old and was being ushered out of Mr. T’s Bowl in Highland Park for being underage.  Before that, first time I had laid my eyes on their unique two-man show, was about a year before, in 2003 when they had been the opening band for The Cramps.

Last Night I had the chance to finally see Quintron and Miss Pussycat again playing The Smell; a bit ironic, since this is an all-age club and I’m now 27, but I’m glad the kiddies were able to experience what I experienced last night.

Quintron and Miss Pussycat’s shows are like none other.  An elaborate puppeteer theatre hangs to the side of the stage where each show starts off with a puppet show.  Quintron plays the majority of the instruments, and quite ingeniously too.  The Hamilton organ, his main instrument.  There’s also a hi-hat on his left, a cymbal on his right, and next to that, a drum machine contraption he invented himself called The Drum Buddy, which at a point in the show where he had to turn it off to end a song, he swung his right foot over (his only free limp as all others were playing something), and he hit the off switch on top of his organ.

Quintron’s partner-in-crime, Miss Pussycat provides the back-up vocals, the dancing, and maraca shaking.  The music can best be described as, well, I don’t know.  Music that comes from a Place Unknown.  Dance beats, and organs, and wild singing all mixed together to create one of the most fun and energized shows you will ever attend.

You’ll be drenched in sweat from all the dancing you will do.  You may even get kicked in the head from the crowd surfers, but you’ll leave the venue wanting to do it all over again.  Mr. Quintron and Miss Pussycat play one last show in LA tonight at Alex’s Bar in Long Beach.  Be there.

Piera Peruvian

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Piera's life mimics that of Paddington Bear. Born in the deepest darkest Peru, she soon found herself a stowaway, landing in London sometime thereafter. She now resides in Los Angeles where she likes attending gigs, photographing casually, and wondering about the country when time and finances permit. She also enjoys writing short self-bios... in third person of course.
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